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Clare from The Bachelor Interview

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Wed, 7 May 2014|

Christopher K talks with Sacramento's own Clare Crawley about her time on this season of The Bachelor!


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I took the monstrous for -- wanna set an idea what our newest Sacramento celebrity this is very exciting Clara from the Vassar high cleric. -- and also coming in OK so we have a little back story we gotta get out the way first a fact this is kind of like a reunion for us because we knew each other back. And Israel along time on that. Well. And fast and it. Back when we're in her twenties and having fun yet so we've -- had a little fun reminiscing it was very interesting for me watching you on the show this season. Just kind of knowing little behind the scenes but. I was like clarity needed to -- and we need to talk about this company -- on the radio and now you know you're so important that publicist yet adding it and come on now. So as sort of falling on Twitter I found you like during the first episode you have like 600 followers now you have like well over 50000. Re ready for this. It's crazy I didn't. Think would be this big because I never -- And day out and that's what I -- -- more than you. And it's true that is weird. You wouldn't people wearing for asking is -- -- and suck it up it's never all that. But how did you follow it this here that's I want -- know because obviously you film it in -- done. And then you go home and can't tell anybody anything of course so each each week where you like. So excited you watch with your friends I'm really excited as the words cringing like what are they gonna make me look like this would. It was more nerve racking because it now. How it was gonna come you never I'll write it differently what you are today so much but it still let's get. I'm thinking on your thinking I didn't get the time we're the third hole like etiquette it's that. -- house again will it play out -- elements of what happened. Viewing parties up and I know. But it at the. Don't let that our youth right from the very beginning and the whatever I was talking about like I -- some offense you took the lead immediately you're the one that all the other girls were trying to catch. Started off of your little belly. That your idea for defense. That it -- go tonight impressive. Record and it completely my idea my biggest thing was I always come into relationships where I. Don't want to -- they want -- one at a time but they don't want anything and for me. I what -- ideas it's. Who I am I went. And I think I want to be a mama I want to have babies -- wanna get married. So to me and that scared him away. It wasn't. But he you'll know right -- You thought it was funny -- So yeah I did a lot it was it's interesting all these reality shows summer usually I'm not really big realities that guy is one I watched that with my wife. Fairly religiously -- but it on the radio to. But watching it knowing you and watching it I think most people. They they know they're real people but there like cartoon characters they love to. When they're happy. When there they'll -- to attack. When they see something that they don't like and it's weird realizing that your person you have feelings. At the watching it with very different so. -- I mean I think -- -- the later. I definitely was -- where you able to get over quickly because it was just a TV show or. What it. Does he not because of -- TV show but because. -- obligated varied wildly. I think a lot of people -- left the show before I mean. -- -- they're feeling that how I left. It's something I silently as it's something I'd forgotten where it's just end up for myself and say it exactly right now. It felt so it's always left relationships and then. And that. But I said it exactly myself and exactly how he made me feel. Was. The complete opposite of what I was expecting. To -- even if I want the one and to be talked down to you in just discuss back and that for me -- all out online and -- he was wearing cute like that. We've done this I don't need. It. Well -- safe to say you have one of the greatest exits I think -- is -- about. So from all the women that have been -- out there -- you -- -- -- it right there where you plant going again did you have any of that speech in your brain or were you just a 100% sure he was -- My speech in neighboring I just what I felt was missing. And I knew that wasn't just got into my life. And wait. And I just had it was like brewing inside he's still there and didn't say. A lot of positive things encouraging things. Rick still. I could -- the way. You're -- it up that's our breaking that you could walk away. And he told. Respectful. And especially on TV and that would not like me and help us in this respect. And it's exactly. Good he went and hug you like now. I think -- don't care if I don't -- cool it's not political people like you witness center -- but it might. For me just putting up with so many years at. -- It. -- -- Come on man what are we go out there I think on the -- mind that in my nephews and children. I have my life. I -- finished. Yet I really couldn't stand there and let them see me walk and stuff. Well a lot of the women who I think along the way may have been kind of against UN at some. Some nasty things to say which we probably saw some of which on Twitter I think he won the back over it -- I think pretty much here. -- the -- you're not you're not a bachelor villain. It don't ever bats and Billy and it's it it's people's perception and I think what other women say -- and -- on editing as. Where you were you reading some of the Twitter. Along the way. Some of it and it's. Being like. This it might actually be on -- it and don't let. It. Hurt. It right there is coming up just. But there's also this very wary jets. For myself and not disrespect what else did well. Overshadowed everything that. It was hard hit. So someone wanted to know. Was Juan Pablo really that big danger to date edited to make them look that way or how was -- up to him. Yes I'm. -- you think he's a regular. And it's hard to say because I am not a sag off him. And you see the good with Iran and especially being out -- -- with your family your friends all that kind of stuff you. -- kick in is -- him and when they're making it he's really sweet charming and not let. Had what I want so that. You want to you want to -- that. Nothing bad guy but what he did. Was -- it on TV. So I wanna know what it's because there was a little language barrier this season. But it's kind of funny like the timing is -- and have girls explain words like -- you don't know about where did he ever say anything that like was funny that he didn't realize what -- saying anything. But oh yea where. -- Funny it was and on me not. At. Its factory -- What it -- Maine and yeah. -- -- -- Yeah I mean -- not exactly what you may end up. Not the right things and notably not romantic moment right. Now. Look. Public not to sell he I thought it was weird he kept talking about wanting to come to Sacramento and like move can live -- -- and I'm like dude. I don't know I thought it did you really believe and all that -- he liked the episode before he told he wanted to have kids with you moved to Sacramento. That trio. That. Tells. Me that. The yeah. This picture on public -- Apollo govern better outcomes -- demand of Sacramento where we're very nice here but come on. That's got to putt all right so we got it the big controversy of this season was your big ocean seeing Juan Pablo. What happened. What I know they I know the way they spotted a are you upset with the way it was portrayed. Yes. Gap. I'm upset with the way it was portrayed. -- I was -- But. I think. Italy is -- because people have to understand it's not. Continues rolling back to back to -- it really and I was something innocent I just I went into my head thinking. Why did they ever going to be in Vietnam when -- the opportunities in the ocean I begged the girls all week to. And I -- I mean that I'm gonna do it with -- out. And it was just something I want to -- -- my and he was the reason why I was there. Is room was right there and it very clear when I went to his. I'm not here to come and I'm not here for any other intention to see that if you want. And if it looks bad. So be it if it was portrayed bad so be it I happen and I have that memory. And I would do it in our. Split then I think the first time a lot of people were starting to. Lean a little anti Juan Pablo was when afterwards he kind of called -- up for it and he's playing the whole my kid's gonna watch this card and did that. Did that upset you is well served as he's here he is making all these girls and now he's calling you out for. Predicts. That they. If you're -- pick and choose what to call out. He was just -- Yes it exactly that if he felt guilty for his intentions are what was -- it's. Not fun. Like I do it again. The black. I'm not. Because I didn't do anything disrespectful and -- just even just expecting. Now would be the last baffled me really we believe me. And not his part because. Anybody who knows me laughing at reduced to three Texans. Yet and that's -- And I stuck up -- on the air through it to this and like I I know I didn't know -- that well and release it back into a -- claims the girl. The good stuff like so I had to back at Sacramento I had to back but so was there ever any talk about you. Maybe being the next bachelorette how -- -- approaches to with that with veteran discussion. It wasn't his -- very. I think for me. It was still too would you want it. And who wouldn't want to have up to when people saying I'm. -- yes. But. Have the entire country. And it exactly it's one thing let I had an outlet to be blood 27 -- -- -- It was still so. Was hoping. -- But. To be the one where. You know everybody. -- -- Yeah. But not paid. Yet. I happen. And I was never on TV. -- as it on TV. Actor has gotten better and seen that. But it's more. -- -- -- Outweigh. Any. Young well. Hundreds in this day and really. Needs to. That -- It seems to me 33 years -- -- Having working. Its course. Yeah if I can do something. Helps many to make it different in Pittsburgh got one dollars one thing if there's something I or something that I can be upon them. How would be what. It's hot. Well -- that moment was definitely. That one of the biggest moments and I think women everywhere relieved that so that's awesome well I I think you're a good role models of any young ladies out there. You know from way you know you -- right so what do we -- today reality TV editing. Player from the bachelor. That's the plot may be able to more ability. Look I thought that video everybody that's the case and Syria but.