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Missed Connections Part 2 9-2-14

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Tue, 2 Sep 2014|

The Wake Up Call reads some Missed Connections from Craigslist...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- Here -- connections. Missed connections on the wake up the Matsui got here. The missed connections here on the way to -- -- -- at an event this cued up Reitman. You know this right. When I was a song right. I. Understand why Hillary is the beginning but it's from the movie there wasn't around. Am -- classic. Missed connections here on the wake up call summer loving woman for a man. We met at a -- she sushi and talked for awhile before you convince me to sing karaoke with -- -- -- summer eleven to quoted at I was having a blast when the song and and you high five means screamed. John Travolta sushi machine can. Right then you left me without saying goodbye or god give your pass them being rude as -- -- just really wanna see you again. John Travolta sentient machine is the name of her book not the name of a role -- welcome it might be somewhere named after the -- Hey this is one reason why John Travolta is a weird guy he's said. I'm gonna write an autobiography. -- it's gonna be called John Travolta sushi sushi. And they said. Why sushi machine do you like sure sure he goes no -- kind I don't how to. And then I got famous -- machine and his theory was people will accidentally by it that you're buying a machine and execution. All like George Foreman Grill him and we -- -- but we couldn't talk of. You know what it usually is looked at. It couldn't have been when he said he could have been like the idea. Of it. I just left like he had that says something like that all I'm stumped I've no idea where he would've went with outlook the apostle is that -- Strategies that's not a -- I mean may -- this guy thinks that when -- at a sushi restaurant that's what the servers are called -- and yeah. -- respect the Japanese right now. And they love lost in translation. May be out. It's. Probably more like late finishing machines run maybe he was hallucinating and he thought John Travolta sushi machine like a terminator style killer. And he's obviously. And ran away. He was just hallucinating you subliminal. Missed connections on the wake up call Katie. Kmart woman for me and you more Kmart off I think Bob Burton. And Walsh where Shelby merchandise while you shop -- -- you may remember less. One was pulling an oxygen tanks. And the other was scooters -- backwards in her wheelchair groundless or. You kept me moving to areas where we were shopping and invasion nineties that you're stocking me. I'm a young well gal who is ready to get back out there respond back with the hello my PN's -- this -- you know. The saddest part is that Vista is not narrow anybody got a car that. -- Be specific. As well that's why -- needed the pants color. I hope the reason why the pants were different colors because they were scrubs. I hope those two women are accompanied by a nurse. Art printing of those woman now because yeah both ends of the biggest pain in her -- bless her heart my past. You know why a person push themselves backward in a wheelchair with their feet because nobody's -- that. It's exactly like ladies you're -- here on out here for the man. I had -- art let it was you. I don't you want of a thousand times -- -- our -- -- that and. By the way that also is streamed from the aisles of Kmart every 5 minutes and beat central reasons that may. Children -- and all is well. I am thankful the and the wheelchair early has both her -- is fuming at once huge spin in circles until it. Yeah I was K I'm being series. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's in a wheelchair because their legs. I think that's yours and think he at the end on their -- in real that would mean they let. -- you can burn but offered him I mean it does because they -- a bevy of pitches he. Yeah around them and god I haven't library. Eight. C a bevy of bitch I'm. His friend Betty -- Not have liked to have her back its brand. I think you need -- -- -- --

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