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Missed Connections 9-2-14

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Tue, 2 Sep 2014|

The Wake Up Call reads some Missed Connections from Craigslist...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Maybe this year -- and missed connections. And Craigslist. Missed connections on the weekend. Matsui got here haven't. John Jews man for awhile and I see you every Wednesday Manilow we appear to both have an affinity for -- bowels of all hello are you single. Are boring. I would get out there as on the called -- bowls. OK I am assuming. Giving him the benefit of the doubt that he needs very bowls know he doesn't. He doesn't know because what -- -- bowel. About the Mary. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the other thing is you aren't -- there's always dominated in every everything you know like no matter what you and they got somebody is there's no that is more specific right. Still don't think -- bowel movement is an on and do the. What do they do with the buried with the Barry weeks out of the good. I want and I'm not I don't I do not have. I don't know -- -- -- in a blaze. The threat based solely on the. Second you're sitting here at the -- broadcast -- Telling everybody that now -- is not -- -- -- Berry who. Not right. Yeah I don't do it. And small action. Of at least one guy who that as sexual. Web sites -- memory bank -- Makes sense why they have let's suggestive names like she markers. That's probably an implied go -- girl come over if we're gonna schmuck. You had Destiny's Child son Adam and Randy -- gel yeah. Hi how you alliance of sexual -- allied. Oh yeah because there addition -- kid -- the only. -- only a -- always. Parity it actually has nothing to do with the Jumbo juice itself that's just where they meet the schmuck in the back of you can finish -- -- protection bright. Light of we -- The missed connections here on the way I thought -- DoubleTree hotel -- pro woman. You DoubleTree hotel. You were there. Thicker than I usually like. Half. And you had the perfect rat. You with your kids I -- that you said it's neat to room after they honestly I guess it wasn't a joke ha ha. Didn't like. What will actually work on you and tell me you're one of those uptight cynics. Anyways about that want to see well now it is you can you send me amounts thanks. Are we talking about boobs are we talking relic used to racked -- stuffy British coming back ribs and. Right wrapped around and I think it more like he's got a mobile attractively you know insurers and Iraq -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- double -- it -- how much can hold. I heard by the way the DoubleTree -- only for big people -- That's why it's the DoubleTree I don't think you can old video that go out there -- -- with a gorgeous slander people called the three. And down. Stick look at the together way way. I did notice how sort of quick clean this unraveled like she did something wrong. Although it was a one sided it conversation sure her on the -- red. The year I. Good girl nice rack. It back now my -- -- Yeah -- admitted that he would file -- -- on all jokes and they. Hi all of -- jobs in your enemy high so. On the -- -- Drive anymore you're damned right I don't know I already pay. Nice rack yeah I use a drive around Lou girl tell me more know. And my and is your assembly on the girls like crack there reds. Smoke him no smoked money every please don't even ask me for more if they're only get worse I'm. We're gonna go this long years that I Megan a bone in joke. Thank you rule and the bones -- on the right.

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