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Kid Song Kills Jason's Brain

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Fri, 22 Aug 2014|

Jason talks about a song that his son loves and how it is ruining Jason's ability to think...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I seriously thought yesterday IA had some sort of brain malfunction a mini stroke I'm at home and -- leave FaceBook because this FaceBook page 179 the end. And somebody asked a question how do I request a song and I said well I started typing. -- to caller requests line and that's where it stopped yeah I could not remember request line the ball and are there were. -- -- For this radio station and any decision you worked for for seven years and four of the numbers are the numbers of our radio station and this phone number these. Out loud like literally like twenty times a day TI finally figured out I'd Google it god. What he has good. Glad I was so worried that IAEA guys may finally I was afraid to bring it up or you mean this is happen he like the our request line -- know that has never happened to me 76610790. Okay I know and I'll show off. I'm -- and Google but I mean like I have forgotten the names of my own cousins like I would walk into a room filled with cousins. And my brains just like -- You know -- and third cousins -- however is what you like first door and I grew up with a -- and. And there's a lot of -- and like I have a dialogue with myself like come on Gavin you got. I can't simply just say oh I forgot I wanna know why don't know what to trigger that's right a -- some times it just happened right you just need to except I don't feel like Jesus Gonzales let's not think he's anyhow tells of the trigger was and I'm interest started seeing guys your magnifying glass -- -- -- the clues lead. My son had been playing this one song incessantly like on repeat for a couple hours but the -- -- problems -- -- -- here. It was counting now. The entries into this kid's song. -- -- -- I think. This is playing in the background. And then I already in the semis and. It's like hit my -- rising me I think Kennedy space you are very easily have the time I just think regular or something like just loud and distracting until well it's distractions I realized. That song playing over and over again is what kind of made my brain forget something that I do every single day. The issue I have with and popcorn and the answer is never the problem was yet. Well my -- there all is some sort and in an -- teary ear issue. Then has conned you. Well I give them play you had a bad on you and you went bad number why don't you think Italians how -- your brain -- would mean. As well here's the and it is not a it's not an excuse I like to just I just can't accept that like and I get it sometimes that will happen and if there was no explanation but I don't get it. And I would have dropped it -- -- -- crazy but the fact that there was a lot of noise in the back on the same damn song playing for hours so he throws me off explained it to me helps me better understand me. Let me see your body can figure out your brain on this particular issue most people's brain -- kind of like. A -- you know yeah there's traffic and then back guys talking on his cell phone in my baby's cry and then. And -- and I think I have a bill deal. But I can sift all of that. That out in my brain will let me say. But first let's go to the car and you can find the car in the parking lot -- and know how to drive it you're saying is. That if something is coming in and your brains computing it. Everything else gets put on hold to the U comprised says there's one thing until it's done Sundays are better than others. You haven't you like to get down to the nitty gritty of why you do things and you know you are a quarter of paint birds and then you just throw home on the desk in our office until it. Piles and piles and piles Latin how could you do that. You don't want me. There's a song. -- -- -- -- -- I bad. And what we have here Katie is a secret weapon with Jason. And now on when he's drive and I was just bonkers. Play word by the way you are Todd. All we gotta do is play this song on what is eyes get wide in sit in a room just of the song playing. And you can go to the that it didn't and was followed only. Our boss comes and says hey guys we've -- really important meeting when their boss god please guys don't say anything stupid in this meeting that's that's gonna you know do something that's gonna play in our case. Okay season -- Khmer there. -- later time. Alitalia within its legal battle flag. The -- -- -- -- -- and I'm really enjoying the song I mean generalized or assurance from ABC mouse dot com bill. -- now we now yeah wondering if you don't feel like crazy. Jane I'm not happen. They did that yeah.

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