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Coming Out to My Girlfriend

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Thu, 21 Aug 2014|

The Wake Up Call give advice to a young man who wants to come out to his girlfriend...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I wanna try to help this guy as much as we possibly -- I don't know that we're going to be able to put that question up on FaceBook part of his email I put on FaceBook in a lot of reporters like collected. This that she kind of sort of directed EU Katie being the woman on the -- -- -- -- they did just this is he's a guy in early twenties say he's -- twenty actually he's about to come out. On the -- it was family and friends all options being geared more toward us and his girlfriend -- his girlfriend of almost two years he says he knows what he's gonna say to his family and friends he has no idea what's it was girlfriend. Think it's tricky because they recently. Took their relationship to the next level it was also their first times he says he knows especially was for her but he also knows that it was a real wake up call for him -- so he kind of sort of want to -- she wants to know when he penetrated UK what can you say to a girlfriend and the relationship come -- of the closet and -- trying to. -- process. I mean quite. And he's not doing this I don't boo who poor me -- -- you're trying to be as. Sensitive -- being like a really thoughtful person which is actually very commendable considering the courage it takes to come out your family and the world. And the fact that he is being considerate of someone else's feelings is actually pretty wonderful. If you need anything to -- thoughts going Carlo on FaceBook said don't let her think she turned you gay it's already and be humiliating for her at least in Iran head. I would however say something along lines of how the last two years have been years of discovery exploration unfortunately you realize he's headed into a different direction. Last I mean she just now it's the same direction men -- got a good sense of humor Sabatini here the girl on the situation. How do you want this news to come here. I know everybody says honesty is the best policy obviously I don't live my life. Nobody really means nothing you really are you she was out of line I don't think I would warranty processing the fact that I am being broken up with. Even with the fact that my boyfriend actually -- I think I would want him to break up with me like. Because he is going to be in the relationship anymore or having cruel about it. And then like -- found the road once I had processed the break up then tell me it's because your day you process that. A lot. If you take somebody's virginity and then break up with them immediately afterwards regardless of what you sexual orientation is urinate hole. Like -- setting herself up -- good decade of therapy sessions I see things she's no good and everything unfortunately for him losing your virginity is kind of a big deal for people if it was like going to the movies and she's like when you're gonna -- romantic movies and finally he gave -- -- went oh my god when you took me there I realized I just like comedies like that would be a much easier thing to -- -- but because of the fact that it was and he didn't say specifically be site. Having sex with her. Was at the wake up call like wanna I think I need you need to and that's against the association I've always wanted to show flat wake up call. Again. It's a different time now we're different people the people who think the you can turn someone Gary. I think telling her that your gay is gonna make it all easier Durbin harsh breakups were I considered tell them that I'm Gary. Wait till I think. May can then stop cry yeah. -- you are seeing in the do you want her fall well I -- I can. And you give me today US pentagon isn't sleeping with men and does -- don't lie a lie about power and I. Oh not sleep with them date them I just I just thought our I just saw a condescending here at. Be honesty think this would work I think I came up with a solution but I guess not that many times and I've been wrong correct if you say like -- I wanna have a real talk with you we recently did something that I know emotionally was amazing for both of us it was this big emotional thing we took this huge -- together. And then be a little self deprecating -- Physically though I probably didn't deliver like most men -- And laughing matter I guess I wasn't as good as you're about to -- and then he tells us he's not gonna know any and then and then he goes -- I think I know why. That was one of the most amazing life changing experience is forming and it made me realize something now I'm gay Peta says like you know I it doesn't take away from the emotional. Next we had. That's true that's trail and -- and many guys are sort of changing my mind on -- and first my first holidays and was. Just break up with me then drop the gay bomb on me later London gave bombed by the way. These alleged planner Gary -- on hand pending act but meteorite may -- it actually need kind of it's hard for her no matter what. Yeah I mean she'll she'll be final until we're saying just don't tell a breakup and then just -- find out no that's not a good -- and all you don't wanna find out as the -- just I mean maybe even show up in the end. Castles chaps like you're going to take pride parade all them all like it's like a plan to gay stereotype I get a. I wanna say that it is stereotype that that's what happens during the mole on her even got that I have yeah Brian mission to get so I think maybe that's not a bad approach Coke and the that's about a proud -- I don't even need the same thing for her to feel like. -- it's going. Moon. Saying. And then -- you know hey Tom I'll show myself out. -- don't look like. A wakeup call him one doesn't even yeah.

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