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Crappy Mall Commercial

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Thu, 21 Aug 2014|

The Wake Up Call talk about a mall's back to school commercial that went viral...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hi all I know isn't this the commercials. Commercial that is now airing her mall in Missouri with a snappy songs. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. No you can't tell exactly that they're paying to send this thing and pain he. And don't kid yourself an outfit then. Boots and pants -- -- they're paying cash America. Say yeah it's. -- -- -- -- Why are we went through -- you. You might even give a lot of things in I don't play a guy was booed them and you -- -- neighbor and it liking where. You can. Isn't that good she has this moment at the end -- words like it's over stop it what is its for a a real mall not play real commercial on TV. Why did you know be a good idea. Let's. Just get you guys. -- workers. To gather. -- -- -- like we are the world right maniac and say. How -- to use say something -- you do here. Is that you don't say like this one guy showed up abuses like -- involved. -- big job. Like hey kids keep on a movie and great British did. This then you lobbed the ball. And I think it says this is again they would ask the mall employees really up so -- and these are professional singers. No one might be no I don't know I don't embed them. No parent that is her -- -- Do we know. He can do I get if we did visit our rally ended Goodell do our own all comers so charm like things we need for -- what do you need a magnet school -- saw. Pencils and say some one else you know as I. I I gotta be honest I even miss the point it's for back the school they came back and I think they say that -- be fooled again -- real haircut -- issues and right in the days and years that I like unit out I don't -- -- -- parent dragged there. I like you'd since saying. -- lunch box lunch box plunged bonds plunged about Sunday that left an annual event you must -- sermons went -- and -- -- you grading your employer that began that in building here every lunch box they're like a month box diminished month. I a lot of let me add an event I was born again and I -- -- -- fed had to do admit chemical. Again I'll candidate that how many and then at nine is gonna be you should be like add prescription drug. -- in tiny -- this since I mean I think I assume. Kidney prescription drugs now she's down OK -- Well I don't let me if I lives -- well -- not OK OK I now think the BB but when it's time for prescription -- I learned of it. Check back to school yet of what used to. Not mountain snow and Boston used them on there reduced -- food pyramid but yeah. Experiment is punched -- yeah there's no sign. -- I'm so sorry I don't yeah it now don't go back to hold -- normal did you did you ride on the guy. I'm sorry I didn't I that you are being funny I didn't know you really wanted to meet you Bruce why haven't been a boom do. -- -- -- And now we are -- are really good to Katie came imagine I imagine dads to return and Iran to the cartoonist who. Lunch box and missed lunch box then missed lunch box Germans -- -- in -- And on terms lunch bunch that game has. You're live prescription drugs is the same. Looking just. I gave little worse. Shooting binge eating bugs and tempers scripting. And we're picking up your big box -- Hello all I have little cleaner you've given me not all your local. Are you can pull this former. And at. That's come and go back and innovative hands. Boots and advocating does prescription drugs yeah prescription drugs this is financially -- -- People like you like -- scripts. That doubt us again and you should once I don't wanna do it now you ruin the mood -- Hey -- and find somebody else may get crabby bag and -- and one because you guys such. What is the.

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