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TV Characters That Became Stars

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Thu, 21 Aug 2014|

The Wake Up Call go through a list of TV characters who weren't supposed to be the stars...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- And a list of TV characters OK and they all have something in common the same thing com. -- -- Mailed it Hariri gal from two bank effort and it's yeah yes Boy Meets World Jesse -- from I'm freaking mad men breaking that suits. I can -- everytime I -- -- -- -- -- Okay Dylan from Beverly Hills now until unknown Andy Bernard Adams character from the office and Sophia who get the old lady little old lady on golden girls and Jack. Brown lost doctor Jack -- Mimi drew Carey show Burkle. They are all TV characters who became main characters but we're designed to be on only one maybe two episodes. -- -- This star of lost. Only to be on to episode. He was originally supposed to die in the first episode and they were like you know kind of works its -- around. That that's the weird is one of all I ask. Because he's like really old Arnold became about yeah. Ask him it's like you said like. OK get this these were characters that were not meant to be big parts of the show get this regional -- EDS. But Kim our handler jolly in Joey it was a supposedly not law yet now that's just -- in the first episode they were supposed to have a horrific -- apartment the final I don't we are. Not all. There is not also not a comedy the original theme song last Cheney's so. Half and then he's like and you heard him -- you know I was called girl alone you know there was will be there. Hope that as goes -- yeah. Chris these -- ever present beer at every one it's -- -- Here's eventually ghosts you know I think that's the grandmother and I'm OK I'm just really fun breaking back apparently. Didn't you must be killed off in the first season while. While he came close a -- done apparently golden girls does Sophia all you do is -- killed off now Marciano -- -- Well human guy embattled car numbers -- because he's a million years old you can. He hung around for awhile I mean he was only supposed to be there for one or two episodes I feel her state -- -- we all agree with that. Frasier -- -- felt he was only supposed to be at a -- like for one episode. I think it seems we are present like that he was at that bar. Talk about older shows -- lake. Why isn't psychiatrist hanging all of these low life alcoholic. When you do zephyr six episodes -- resign it was indeed many east never left I mean I think. Because what we're learning is that everybody can be an alcoholic. That's good cheers was supposed to be a public service announced -- Right it was actually supposed to be a bar were mentally ill people unhappy and they had to restructure everything when that when mr. tiger sharks like well he'd obviously counsel them and just turned into friends hanging out of the bar she. All the donors are really like this sort of reminds me. What -- you what does this remind you out there. Remember when he. A certain someone that it was only as host of bill and for one week on this show us. And then there was -- Maria -- role. Talking about me. Yeah that and let me or else spends far more impressive. Is that I was a character that was not supposed to be our major role at this is a true story there. -- the year. President and listen unless you're just I'm going increase we brought you -- -- thought you'd be guide I saw generally this killer behind the -- magazines that repeat that I machine -- to check -- -- we put the show it again that's really true for about that. Gavin was actually brought in to be just -- and how about behind the scenes here and have a microphone in the first game winner of the it does not sound like an ice bank and seriously just can't tell you we couldn't shut them up and he just became a big part of Michelle yeah and it was like you were you were a guy that's right I would I became our framework and Merkel and everybody's list besides -- -- all rolled -- -- and prefer the original title of our show it was the decision she does yeah not enough game that was then Debbie -- agreed to change we. I -- even after he's funny and we give Jason somebody to talk to Oakley is. Unlike Gavin you might not know is that can exit for those -- -- don't -- I became a member of this show through filling in for somebody else and I was only was ever fill -- for one week right and I said Jason. If you do is critical that the previous girls maternity leave and I bet -- I -- really good nice save for more weakening does. No right now I take the wind out of your sails but that's that's what I'm going to you know unchecked. The reason why that happened was out of sheer lazy -- from Jason. An all night and if all of these dog and he was had all these other girls blind now. No he didn't. My Bellini is imaginable all the other guy has numbers on harmonica -- friend is out Saturday hey can we be on this show over the next ten years the days ahead. No no no no no no no. And then maybe came out of many and. Amazingly good start immediately and you remove Monica from the fantasy show where it's only Monica Seles is an MD New York apartment and there's ghosts and add those all looking for Monica who doesn't exist and --

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