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No Name Movie Game 7-25-14

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Fri, 25 Jul 2014|

The Wake Up Call plays another round of "No Name Movie Game" for Six Flags tickets...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time for the. This time every Friday and now. Senator Clinton crime cries -- yeah. Find a lot of fun OK today the winner again Six Flags discovery kingdom take. You can see the awesome serve dreams last six can get when in the new. I hate they aspect of having to turn to people way without anything. When that said I'm in the first day as that -- that sounds so glad Ali Asia. -- just how limited Sally she cared about -- over areas that aren't out don't spurs are you confidence. I know you don't actually. I take a deep breath we can do this it's a no name every game we're gonna give a bunch include educating give the rules say you don't mind much better and I. Delaware and describe McCain -- -- he's any of the words from the movie any of the actors actresses in the movie or any of the. Characters from the movie you just yell out -- lousy -- the name of the movie when you get it and me 45 seconds the timer starts if you're ready you ready. Timer starts when I get my first clue as a start area Miguel no name of BM on the way to call. You Wear one of the is that -- to cover your face. That's why. Is. Hey it -- inside your body. It -- inside your body. It beats like if this is doctoral listen to -- that's the second part of this if you aren't a coward you are married. -- general right okay. Boy wizard. 3COM. This this oh god oh just a -- gets lost. The fish gets lost. Yes and all well you GM sandy feeling in your -- you haven't hit -- Possible allow -- naming a war that's for the out more now. -- yeah I got four by the way I want to thank you leave -- Libya clouds there for that list these lists that were submitted -- -- Unfazed by the Libya clouds are submitted a list and -- going under my last one how would you give a clue for the movie true grit she that -- -- or. -- -- -- Yeah I don't know that we remember I love them rebound LA Daniel I know name movie game here on I was in -- -- and them. Hang on. -- -- Katie you're going to play with Scarlett. Carly good morning aren't aren't hi Scarlett. I Mario usually good ZIUN bed. In our car -- Parents are we going to be 45 seconds okay if you get more than four you're going to Six Flags discovery kingdom and if you guys beat Gavin terabyte. Winners don't -- -- discovery kingdom are you -- yes are you ready Scarlett. Let's do this 45 seconds starts now. Look at this stuff isn't any -- what does she think my collection you. -- -- -- law. She she's running legs. In the ocean. Yes OK what two. -- now if your parents and business IE is gonna help you know. It has gone. And there's crying in baseball and girls are they good baseball. Yeah I -- movies okay content he did he. All the time that was not your fault that all. Won't -- is a huge and -- Charlotte. The only no one I mean you didn't win definitely okaying. Thanks I'll playing I feel bad -- nine she wasn't sleep then she sounded just like kids you know it's not only got. -- I got all of them and Samantha. Samantha. You've got to play good. -- I don't think I can do more than mark caller ID RE VR EEF 45 seconds known name movie game here on 107 and the and he got to get five to actually win. Oh crap that's not. -- 45 seconds known name every game -- the students. This is baseball ride at Disneyland and filled -- Buccaneers. Are prepared yes. Well it is the opposite of this title Smart and smarter. -- yeah yeah. Most famous female native Americans. Are hard and -- okay are not all are this. Read about -- trying to get the movie Mary Poppins made. No. Did tickle your money you put it in this building. A yes and what did the opposite of your kids. Adult. Yeah there's a dead on the opposite. -- -- that's a tough -- that could cause is saving saving mr. oh my god that is so Tom but with 40 Asia. We let. Our graduation. -- there you winner the winner of the known name again today got tickets -- Six Flags discovery kingdom and -- you -- -- that Cirque dreams last SHL -- on the news tsunamis so garage and I do apologize so other players I feel bad I wish I had some good for them. -- apologize to his -- how come on -- way to get nervous in NASCAR I mean it's by the way Gaby what is what is your daughter radical dumb and dumber. -- -- -- -- So Ali and I do as Kobe you're remember I'm gonna remind. It's really fun it's really funny -- now I -- remember how sorry I congratulations. To Malaysia. And you know they got a no name moving game that was fun at least every Friday 738 we played. Here -- won a seven and yes.

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