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Chipotle's Horrible Bag Story

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Fri, 25 Jul 2014|

The Wake Up Call talks with Gavin about his wife's reaction to a horribly written story on a Chipotle bag...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The wake up call 1079 the end game what's the significance of the bag you're holding rockets are this is -- to -- -- bags. Problem isn't they asked me and I went out and got lunch one day for my family almost -- -- you know from -- and your goal is doing this new thing now where. On there I think it's just basis on their bags but me on the cubs to ask for Baghdad Tammy go though they're printing short stories from famous authors. Canine team I don't know I. No there is watch the plays kind of writing about her re low. Is I mean they're not writing about delicious all natural ingredient you know I look -- affairs authors writing into ball and it seems like you manage your. Yeah all right. Yes well not yeah. I'm originally -- The book well I think I I won the Pulitzer but this is a bigger honor it's like a bug the more people see it in -- page yeah. I always wanted my final paragraph to become with the -- -- So I can smell and Simone. In the rice and sentence -- my wife. Is in English teacher. She was an English major. She takes literature very very serious car and never did I see that come out more than what I have this bag home. And she's eating lunch reading it like like we like you read the back of -- cereal box when you're -- -- -- right. So she's reading this. And then out of nowhere she had to gather light raged. Over this short story rage yes she. All of a sudden goes. Is that tennis is so out of character from my home. I go -- she goes. -- understand. This I go I forgot -- George Saunders she goes. Worst thing ever did. You know what is she's reading irony no she's pence stopped about a two -- bag I think I have no idea -- I know this is the promotion they were -- -- is -- -- if I had no idea again and why she's freaking out about it is because as an English teach you those snooty about writing. It's good yes it's the -- -- literature I see -- yeah. She reasons some think she's probably read all the greatest things and it never -- -- met when she's sees something that has been forced upon her out but I. So did not worthy of even being a bag. -- -- -- -- -- -- She's not only -- English person. A literature expert she is also somebody who has the kind of -- CD brain where if something doesn't make sense or is this you know. They tried term. So like she's reading this and she goes. It isn't sure story ever got past -- of some of huge like OK come down because. -- -- She's animated -- and she had to -- -- hey listen departed this isn't the last paragraph of this short story. Jerry equal good guy and really miss Jerry Jerry equal dear friend. Fired in future even person with the new baby. Hope not hope. And future all is well every once it's no one must work all just sit around feeling love for one another. Exactly -- about it -- it -- you're telling me that this is. Not some. Writing project from my kids in another country where English is their second language and they want to rise against him gonna triple. No this look like an actual often it's their real. Author and he wrote this and it doesn't make any sense why he did is another -- my boss just came. Asked what I was writing and her co report how -- you know. Note to future generations. Still have bought. Bought -- still in truce. Still have office. Future all this is equal high tech all you have to do is raise temperature and think raise temperature in all this computer does people move from place to place on invisible -- are quite I'm quite. That would put through Google -- later. -- On Thursday they weren't saying let you of the -- actually -- -- just saying additional again. As for the George Saunders stupid bad I don't mean it isn't like. You play your record backwards place yeah and you can hear messages from the double all yeah. I'd be if you like all the common now or -- the words around you really have. Just hypnotized yourself totally did you poll we took konduz we know valley where they did they radio I commercially. -- -- -- we respect the arts. We also like to left and idiots who think there are just taking good riders -- -- -- search for the worst writers in America patriotism put on our bag. We've done -- and lots of research and found that burritos taste better when you're confused. -- enjoy very helpful unless you're reading a mad -- do exactly. Yeah we asked George Saunders hasn't filled me in the two poly bag and he said George bag happy now you watch. -- I just saw. There's had a stroke and nobody really told you just keep right. Yeah he -- he is an eighty in my short story I'm gonna say my -- rage was justified -- that's terrible it's a little bit just abide and to -- is playing the greatest prank ever bug -- and -- -- George got mugged in somebody stalls punctuation.

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