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Free Stuff On Craigslist Part 2 4-11-14

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Fri, 11 Apr 2014|

The Wake Up Call talks about some of the free things you can get in Sacramento today...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

1079 me and say yes and testing gets -- still available. Not forever they're gonna go on May eleventh and share in -- moaning and more until it's gone fast. And among dot com for details let's do some free stuff on Craigslist it's Friday we like you free stuff on Craigslist is you know on but times -- tough for everybody. But the one sentence rate sometimes Diaz and -- that brings us a little weird hum this one strange I -- when they ask. You to inquire from our information and seems pretty obvious priest does it from Craigslist for seven Craigslist. Star Wars. Insider magazines. Wow okay. Star Wars insider magazines they're right back issues for three -- text me for more information. Tacked. To hire these movies. Know their magazines her. Our information and our day I mean higher Eudora mayor yeah yeah being around these damn why and what issue why all right -- kind of condition are these end. How old are they what are they -- words if you tell me there's the radar he's getting -- -- for yeah but but to a collect our yeah there were some things and what how many issues -- jar -- beings I don't want those I don't want those you know why. Because he's Sox has lemon OG because. GA I'm sorry you're looking at is to logically I think she I think he put this up the first time in people. Kept emailing in questions he prefers a nice things like. Bogeys at first hours in senator magazines. Is this a real light -- because I won't want it and go yeah are you yoga today guy -- now I just think your. This mighty like silly questions I think big questions are for our. These insider magazine specifically and a -- Siri is about them like we are. You would understand that -- I'm so sorry when your mom mind if I come over to I know you still live with her here's a good question how can you handle parting with -- jams. I guess she can't add things into question -- He's right pitchers hides I believe Star Wars insider magazine and how I stop this -- why are you getting rid of them is because you just had sacks this. You realize there's more of those who are up. Free stuff on Craigslist Gavin. And when he got kids police bike yeah and seated -- guy any day and police. Spike in good condition but no battery charger so need to -- bush just asking for five dollars are you put in the free section. After asking for five dollars only. Be aware of this is not an actual police by. So thank you for that because it's I thought just in case you guys. Okay ask her like a three different three year old a parent I confused three year old with police all the time you you we all you pulled over by a baby cop right we we have so and yeah there's the authentic kind. Kids police -- are a lot of bike. I don't know what you're saying right what -- employee had my card the -- the guy and I don't. -- yeah and how many times have we been embarrassed by this situation. You're at the mall something goes wrong you go -- a toddler and say excuse me officer I need your help I need your how and a and then the mother has to go he's not a police officer he's -- all I -- you did say he's on duty and he called JU. Yes we -- -- her I will give you my life and the British Asian. But you can't read it you're baby -- Right either to wage why are doing that from now along with my sign when instead of saying did you go boo -- moment ago you -- any. -- -- down on presence here yet horsemen who are we -- then I'll OK okay is pretty straightforward. It. Get a little juvenile web that we haven't aged blue refer your garden. Or your you -- to its year old pedal and it has no -- as our Jamie Bennett. Yeah. In the big hill Draghi and I'm sure it -- mean that they can put your drag them in again kind of bragging just go we have a. Tractor. That's not related -- it. So they just go free do it's fresh it's cleaned itself. All of this is primo quality adult and likely get out of Columbia let like the cartel usually drops of this kind of put on horses now there's no -- and we are about. Yeah. I -- reading it like OK all right I get it. No videos and throw it out there and I'm not a farmer I know everybody thinks and I am hey Ali good round slide. I'm as they're often saw does the horse clip. Horse would. Because that's -- goes on to strap. But yeah no straw had -- only a good are you accusing the true maybe they throw it on the horse is -- -- I don't know. And I really -- that let me clarify another point -- is it. Heads cool mom dad presented throws them -- -- -- I mean when you go in an area that you're not supposed to I. I assume horse is only going to areas that they're allowed to go out and really Balaguer the horse in your kitchen no doubt you do calls did you see that cell and maybe this -- insight -- farming. I did not know horses they would opening lap I had I know that sugar accused and one -- out if I -- adds something to this please. I -- a very large TV at home. Obama and I randomly and they're not really low drag guns saying -- Bragg in anatomy heroes but -- a friend. Sawdust in your number eight India do keys to think that's bad that's shall we used to doctor. First you for humans yes yeah yeah -- Melissa I don't want splinters. I'm happy to horrible place -- Nine --

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