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No Name Movie Game 4-11-14

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Fri, 11 Apr 2014|

The Wake Up Call plays another round of the "No Name Movie Game"...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All the known name movie game. As the rules here's how you can play along. I guess we're going to describe it -- you we can't use any of the words in the title of the movie and they beat actors -- actresses from the movie -- -- not say any of the characters from central. Last week I -- -- like a two week winning streak here and you guys. It's gonna take me down and not -- -- you're really not not that good Katie you're going to be -- first they let you playing with long long good morning. Glory -- -- One are you ready you ready for business here. -- don't doubt it I had a man like back a known name movie game media 45 seconds to get as many right as possible and the timer starts. And -- gives -- first Cleo. -- the new version of the movie where kids go and even -- asleep. And then golden ticket. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Gary good. -- and it's. Possible okay -- month isn't act like humans. At very high degree you'd just alert. Art. Of aid and food in your your bully you're a girl can't you're not nice you are. -- -- You. -- Wow what in my -- I don't know what. -- -- -- Now now we're having mr. mrs. and the like they're people don't hasn't seen -- very hosing down. Couple nice job wine. I don't know are going to be -- again you might go next -- shore geez. She combine our scorn Symbian take her down -- that's so crazy wow well done Sarah Jessica. Yeah nervous. And -- man -- We really Impreza by the mr. mrs. Smith and as -- first -- for everybody and everything it's not gonna come up again because 45 seconds with -- in your timer starts with the first clue. He didn't really notice. -- -- -- -- -- Those things in the sky at night. After night their -- All. I eat. Okay and boldly go what they journeyed. Like I'm going on this I'm on the the other big goal after the words to our home god I can and that's. Arm he continued on -- movie. Movie theaters right now it's it's. Rank in the military and the name of this country. To me and -- All of them. What do you live. On the other name -- Yes our panel I'm not not you have. -- -- the first. Acquittal of your first and again our trek. -- man -- and was now finally asked I mean we lost a lot of time trying to come up with what those things are in the sky that night play. A -- -- -- downhill once again in in defense -- jets get. Why do you just say what country do you live and a lead and that's right yeah. And Dallas without winning -- golf with a hole what country do you know it was elegant Captain America. Now in theaters now -- and -- really big. Don't let her iron hey I -- -- a few put up a whopping zero. So thank you for calling -- Three Gammons newest reviews Gavin grids and movies dot com just give you a get together like gentlemen aren't my plan -- -- Lauren good morning. Lauren com do not -- again. Are you sure into you know -- and short -- aren't ordinary -- forty about a second starts. Right now. -- -- holiday it's the biggest city in Southern California. And and they keep this secret it's prime minutes. It's strictly. Blank information. Write it it's strictly. Pat I got to -- parent OP's. A boy who never grew up. -- that's why that's one. Well he was bitten by one of these creatures and now -- can climb on building my dad's still okay oh my god. Blank. Air force Marines when I'm leaving out. -- -- I learned -- was army dark continent. LA confidential -- you're like strictly confidential. It was a tough one wow OK okay it's Katie kick some butt. You didn't do very guys now with me Lauren but thank John let's apply Jessica is god Jessica yeah. All -- -- thanks Jessica for me and our data and then heads gonna explode already got to go I'm gonna Johnson Lauren you did not win. That's okay thank you but are there until that is all my god is one -- -- just -- -- and said Gavin gives horrible clues he should be mad at himself. Why. I can't get -- Gavin -- and again and I was a -- and oracle Kluwe gets in the sky at night Gavin hang on a second. I think you're in little -- slump I mean I know nicest way I think your frustrations kind of making a game awful I. Clues could not have been easier to get that time what country do you live and are you -- -- kidding me I'm just Santa -- to where I I I Israeli citizens nod and agree with him he had just not -- we're doing is we're just making him more upset if you guys don't just nod and agree with -- were gonna make it on the news you yeah -- clues I never yeah eighty thank you all USA as what's up there right now I don't know like star tried done right. Thank you and other people are texting and now also placating me so thank you.

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