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Rats On A Subway

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Fri, 11 Apr 2014|

The Wake Up Call talks about people's reaction to a rat on a New York subway...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- here's viral video that's been going around don't share with you guys see if you can guess what's happening here. Okay. I kidneys eyes bugged out no one got hurt by the -- -- -- -- sounds like I'm losing -- taxes on me the app and it's a New York City Subway. And ball someone's Haggis -- -- -- a taping of Iraq crawls out and starts walking down the middle the island I'll weigh in the. That's him that's actually have a one rat. Yeah yeah. That I girlfriend and I am I lived in New York worm rad guy on the subway car and the -- them freaks out and can't get off the subway car I hate going to there they start running around like crazy airbag goes. And LAU runs an opposite directions of the Iraq only guy that's who -- when I want to point ideas anyone else notice that. If someone would hop on a train with a knife -- gun god forbid I'm sure this is like I think he'd be like legit terrified there's something about a rat. Then makes people get comically like scared of they -- to -- I know. It yeah I did that. I mean it's I mean like I -- the Willies and I agree. Rodents and bugs are the great equalizers time. All -- only -- no matter how tough do you think you are. You react like a woman when you bring music I think -- and inspired comes down I'm on a -- from the ceiling while you're driving as -- -- -- you're a big -- man and you don't know are going to be there you are gonna know I did. You don't. Yeah that you slap your face and ask -- see me yeah I know you walk through -- say yeah I don't know it's like they're scared to words like they -- is. Our society we have to react to things like this you can't just go mountain gods around yup yup. And perhaps -- strange that so many people know. -- -- A big domino effect of everybody else can I asked what I have to incarcerate speaking out and the rest it seems like you would know a -- there's a rat picking up speed up so it doesn't touch you remember now but that's what happens like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- society listening and other noted is that it is so funny is secure these ridiculous reaction none of these people are really scared either I mean. Especially is now down ion -- everyone in our people legitimately scared that some women it's if there's one guy who don't work. I -- want to be a -- Like a rat is trying to -- their feet I was just running around -- -- and when it. I mean whenever right you're saying that because you had a pack -- -- you about your view of rats there is huge so harassed you on full -- where you -- They are eligible to -- I wanna make sure everyone heard that correctly when it comes to Katie in rats Gavin she does not have the same opinion you do she had two -- rats yes to pet rat snoops and Bob itself. -- earth so everybody else in the world hate them because the Berman. You -- them -- -- I did actually and I had them as pets to accidentally killed. Don't they did that again. Idea well until it was accidental I gave them to put my subway car nothing. And yeah they love to travel. And -- -- well and she and yet we import DM we import air fares round with subway that's why there's Ramirez in your city just -- to say how to get out how did you tell your daughters racks. I gave them dehydrated new goals. Own mind and. -- they thought they would like to have an increase in -- -- they exploded from the inside I mean that's our that's our -- roll my eyes now. And you're that's thank you kill these rats are putting I hybrid just in their ballot I was I am devastated by their names -- booty in jell -- Hey -- -- there snoop enough to Obama earns our mind rats as a kid you wanted to carry on that the wonderful I. I mission of giving your daughter. -- feeling has rats -- cousin has has a rap is she takes -- every day. That's really weird it was Tony and I am hoping she's a scientist knows she's an she isn't a draw our season was called I don't artists and then she's like and any -- graphic is -- and it's. Now if you like from the -- into -- -- sound like she's not the animators on the directly -- -- and -- Appreciated every day just puts the rat on your hat yes -- -- -- -- -- -- ever ask yourself why did she she brings a rat when she ran around to work every day and never draws -- It's you rescuing all the drawing. Hi Liz scenes sneak he's Sunderland this she better hope those that nobody ever see is her wrap. So what did just let honored as good as the bad -- messages sleeps there in New York no one has a pat -- because thirds is gusting well and. He -- them. But they're artistic talent and I guarantee hug hello Jason play that began -- listen closely in the background. You guys do that. The balance the guy goes. Did they deactivated. His way to Joba in the end yeah. Oh yeah.

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