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Rat In A Cake

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Wed, 5 Mar 2014|

The Wake Up Call talks about the rat that was found in a New York man's birthday cake...

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    He -- hamburger is going she is portabella mushrooms going and there's hot dogs don't Britain based. I like to consider myself a good -- guy. Except my ADV -- in the by -- I think I don't even know what happened but I got distracted that light let you don't know why -- as the number and the first I think my wife said premier and -- fire on every enemy. And it is left and left the -- like ten minutes and -- I over I know I know I overhear some ongoing want to drill and run up. I run up. And the hot dogs like I like a good chart hot dog that we all the right -- now all cash like the -- -- guy. These were like charcoal chart collect and they were like they were like black in cracked and I was like that's not good is among those who the hell's cook intimate whose Culkin. -- -- you're watching this now is like. It was me and I don't we are doing a great job buddy and he'll be laughed about it ha -- not a big deal OK I go back inside to get a second pack hot dogs promising of this barbecue right. No more than five minutes later when my brother in -- girlfriend says she says hey can
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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's never like fighting the -- You know it all guy and expect that like to -- -- now you expect a little bit and around Obama might indicate I'm thrilled. I don't -- man has violated is going all. Moses goes I spotted -- and when I don't know though you buy it and -- thank you once they really get another. Stop you're complaining because this didn't happen -- uses from Long Island new York new. Gold -- who wanted just one thing for his 96 birthday party his favorite German apple -- case. Uncle Joseph -- just one bite of the cake Thursday night and complained. He said that doesn't taste right side in all my -- He's six years of cake eating this one -- different than that our staff is the worst birthday -- but I look at. Okay IDC Jews all you do for me. Otherwise Obama. Is why I yeah. Yeah mills says he cut the cake again and noticed what looked like poll Ali no black mold that we saw it was coming from the bottom we flipped it over and it seemed to be looks like a rat's tail -- This is would meals says he's found the case. All yeah. He said he looked like mold any flip turnover and then late late at some rat's tail off camp began -- -- grade and grim looking -- But how did get there. Family attorney Eddie fuel has his theory I personally am of the opinion. There's this -- was tampered with. Live like I am. I am the the fairly attorneys that they immediately yeah attorney. So how you're an area that I am hi all I am I -- money Colleen and I am attorney at law for people who Biden did gates -- vermin inside have you -- -- every little bit left coffee -- Jeremy gave to even read a little bit. -- -- into a mouse rat and all plots don't. Call me money toward. -- one not comment 100 no all rolled into negative. -- -- is saying big food do you Broadway. -- a little bit and I glad the big man yeah. Beyond words but the way let's not rule out the bottom. I don't remember that suicide. And didn't know being the kid and known for being burial elaborate. Now I underground track Santa. I've got -- own people by their own rat traps -- Roland side. And need some cheese first and then pulled the little did I don't change. That was this was a deleted scene gratitude to miss it absolutely was -- league -- god -- I don't dump a cake batter and the tension is a joke like the big kid. What is it. Beyond that I would like an exhibit -- this deleted scene from ratatouille. Where it looks like a rat is committing suicide by boiled down on himself he's making himself into a delicious cake. But this is a cartoon and nonexistent yeah. You're -- -- to live red deer and couldn't take yeah -- -- had a tendency you -- -- let me get a give them and I think. -- -- Humor you can deal ready baby -- -- -- -- don't look very depressed they don't look like they can kill themselves. I have been reading them -- books for the last twelve hours -- to see you all you on a let me -- meet you should -- -- -- rescue recognize that rabbit -- -- in all of whom we can't. 00 look it's huge you know they said this -- his uncle Billy. -- old man does he wanted to birthday. No plans to turn -- kick over to state officials for testing and and yes yes we found. The only way that this is gonna happen again and give back kid can't really introducing rat labor. It's like they might I. They go yeah why Dubai and rat. KUVs. And anyone put you under John let me so you'll avoid eating hipster game that you probably will -- -- -- Yeah on a you know how we know what's tampering it's a German chocolate cake in this is the rat but this is so fishy thing did you know rats usually going the cheesecake for. BL. These fine. -- and over huge in the rap community and you know might not around. Yeah back in the -- community did that's ridiculous how does he crawled through the hole is death hell hole in the wall can't -- yeah no big London oh yeah. Now that's deleted the ground and do the due to stick up for grabs. Her. -- -- -- -- -- You look around. Okay now being. Zero. And I go buy his album but their married time. We chairman of the New Zealand on the inside in the morning I. I mean we have a giant -- and you want Obama.

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