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My Spy Birdhouse Part 2

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Tue, 4 Mar 2014|

The Wake Up Call talks about a birdhouse that is cut in half and stuck into the window...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We get a recap something that happens -- two weeks -- through here we're talking about that TV product they Gammon was drooling over that everyone else was laughing about. Up against the wind out there now I'm. It to the outside your window right now though when that some bird collided America. May so and that's put eggs are married you did you watch the eggs hatch but I want to. Thank you go our listener named debris and if FitzGerald who actually. Bought me -- rights and dropped it off your work so we open dead this is visual take pictures and put it up. But there are marks on adjacent look at the top of it okay do you see where it looks like there's dirt on it yeah and obviously comes -- -- -- -- around that there are some things that make it look first well it is not made of -- and I don't know why I ever thought that it would be very much plastic that looks like blood -- ego goes. Well you know what they didn't. They dirty you know on purpose to it sure written a book and real. Eight years eight years. Okay what I thought would. And especially in the -- was that they took the time to make him look a little bit what Meredith so Elena. I don't idol that. Well while tournament Christine. You look at the front embed it looks like him perfect for what that and I thought was so -- yeah. I'm Madden what caused you said they hostage true Rick bird. You. Can't applies. You Dalton -- and that's not for. Don't know here making almost only logical point 80. And really hear an ice bags here and I narrow right hand here when I said she's all the making them ideal points. Like -- reality is they made it look -- Kind of startling way yeah the people minute to treat you and -- pizza -- here's the thing I'm winning the last -- because I'm gonna put that out -- my house and a bird's gonna use. It. Predator opposite all of -- can see the magnificence of nature are getting yeah. Yes okay yeah we are we're gonna put an outside of our office window yeah I want you idiots concede why not. Burr my -- burn out gets used every game by -- and FitzGerald Dow. There ideal way you -- and see what she purchased for a nasty little baby birds growing and learning. I'm not making fun of Katie anymore refer refer her observation what I am doing. Is gonna make fun of your optimism about one thing finally amid optimism that anything you're optimistic this piece of crap gonna catch a -- And if you can show -- here. -- had had that many birds just wrapped itself well that's a five point 85 bird. -- -- they won't even know you -- -- this thing is if you can show me a picture of him burn young misting a lie and no I don't want to maybe fifty dollars. This is -- fifty bucks. Briere FitzGerald bought it for all of give her this fifty block and catch your breath holocaust 1499. -- and you handle that goes -- and your make money on this -- and did that come -- -- -- reckless Specter that really don't understand the flexibility of birds for all I know a big bird can squeeze until the next time little hole when he gets there there's nothing for him except for you to look back. I'll tell us what you think you and Matt Stewart once you may end and feds say the -- to. I am a -- -- a birdie on radio on this we. Is through -- quarter sized hole and build my national Gavin who want to regulate because he apparently doesn't want to not I don't announced they do it against you lied to coax the men yeah. -- anyway I mean yeah. Those on the first album please Lamar doesn't sing this song about burn burn like that and they don't like. Turns like the -- -- in trees they're not gonna be like hey bill. Everywhere you go doesn't trust glades and signed their own walls and stuff and not -- not. Gunmen and I'm the -- five birds around. I mean as other as well it's -- it's a real quiet and you've been suckered into TDs -- world. We're using they're not -- user because it's black what she's -- when I think you should -- that is they tried to make the would look -- all the time trying to trying to make a plastic look like real way it is a horrible job of it right sixteen did you dripped all over and it's like what makes it look real again has been on an -- costs for many many. All right it's. That's right that's -- -- but this year where is that from your car -- and stay out recommends that the -- market works -- the plan you show me a burn and they can't keep recchi and again it can't be dead bird -- -- debt laden dead -- who had proof your real burned 888. A lot of our real -- -- are -- by the way this side into the regular anybody is very Susan's been. How do you all know that -- -- because Dan and I think but they may and then getting caught my dad didn't have a. What is it.

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