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Sounds People Hate

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Tue, 4 Mar 2014|

The Wake Up Call talks about the different sounds that people hate...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's a way to call it is 626. Here on one a 79 the end there are people who say -- we're too mean to Katie it is an all time. You're in particular I get lumped into a bit scared Katie is sorted -- I'm really not trying to be mean here. And don't think people think -- -- and I think it TO. I'm playing this specifically. For you. It's refreshing. There is nothing surprising about Saturday and Aristide's huge well -- comes from the -- of you hate that sound more than and a -- commercials on this Steve -- Where there like advertising for Coke or Pepsi or mcdonalds and listen -- -- Of food we have less soda has amended they can't just tell you that they have neither. And quickly there's this question what sounded do you hate. By the like these are much better if you take something that no one -- -- it'd be bothered by causing your we'd like -- years. Me. Who do you need to get your U re protecting. -- -- and his happiness is only urinating right okay yeah that's yeah. Sounds that you gear your re fruit salad that's what it can't think what the -- yeah this sparked. Control -- on ice -- We're again part of her religious. Yes the most annoying sound for you know -- easy. Motorcycles. And or reduce bags the -- oversized mufflers and your crappy car. Give -- him and like visceral reaction like your idea -- one punch those. And you don't talk I don't know and I haven't they react I I feel very similarly an anti why -- -- the -- we lived in it -- town home complex. Where. This one induced bag and he drove like literally like a 1996. Honda. Like there's no reason Ford and he put a stupid muffler that was bigger than his car on it. And it would echo throughout all of the building this and you would like get home late and played it really made me wanna go. Out there and beat him up again the question it's a simple question and arrows or something different what is the most annoying sound in your opinion at. To extend a 7338 now we're in try to get the senate thinks we can play element PS tell. With this one is. Fluorescent lights that are now. -- yeah and this was brought up on days on FaceBook. A lot from people they they. Heat bad buzzing sound. How -- you hate fluorescent lights the leg that's now. There are no you can't hear and it's like when you get your your brain can and then it's like -- feel like you here we don't hear it like it really messes you up spotted is what is texted in 27339 SP. What don't mind was did you were you indicating you -- you know we told -- one years or so and pouring in years his motorcycle. Sounds I'm afraid to say mine was saying. Is it -- a controversial is accusatory voice you know it's something that. You're both kind of offenses offenders of and I know I've done it myself laughter call. I mean as steel may have friends. They are having flat out and having it around -- is being great this sound very loud eating her mouth sounds and and on. -- I'm -- sat these things we do he's accused me this for years. It's ironic because he's a floor a huge amount under Robin himself I don't eat at work and it's one of comedian and good -- all -- all right library here we generalize ICL -- like it is she's the bug in my head that like it's annoying and my EU as you in the studio and is -- slurping and that it. Okay. In January and highlight even notice together makes -- singles how many. As the sound down you -- but that was the number one most annoying sound people sent on FaceBook yeah other ones that came up again the most annoying sound see if you have any idea what this one is this came up more than once. Most annoying sounds sounds -- drive people crazy. Didn't owe it to Pete got a guy I -- -- sounds like he too is big half. -- -- -- Coming out and show you yeah. There are no matter prettier. Honey I know. I love this -- Yeah. Yeah yeah most -- going to battle well -- -- didn't I read a little bit. Yeah every -- I am doing it dead yeah about it and upbeat guy -- every time wake up in my hot. And in India I don't know where they live. Now those big god wait and give me. Denying all the -- literally introduce all day. I don't think good client and -- guys -- -- even god be guide you know on NBC bad -- and the only true it's like what's the most annoying sound of the world. All my god -- comment. Comment all of Gandhi good now he told the man that is like -- all the text. I had isn't found alive roaring to life. I can't even -- again. The wind going through the trees and hope for is. Why it's. Clear the. I know our Walter -- but what's. Really meant that Ohio will be -- -- we are yeah. Just when guys like Diaz who hate peacocks. Yeah I knew it was up put on FaceBook from a zebra the -- are. I guess I get there as soon as you offered typing with clothes. -- -- giant keyboard well there's animal illness does it -- this came up a little -- and I can -- is all -- were really at a time what is this this is an annoying sound the people here again another when you don't hear a lot but it drives people -- It's. I cannot be and yeah you bang boom across BR yes wonder if this -- some coffee -- Karros is I don't charisma paid this kind of ticking clock thank got -- it's not 1962 anyway yeah. The last. They divided ticking clock in the apple might -- yeah this was the -- to -- -- house. Yes this is am I consuming thing -- this guy I Millen a guide me through the -- -- Like alive -- grandma's case may get. By the way this was the most bizarre all the ones we -- Lauren says she hates the sound. Of toothbrush. And toothpaste commercials. Clean you feel -- working -- you know it's working. And that means you're ready for women -- great. She said they grossed me out and then in quotes played full body shiver grossed me out like. I mean it does sound you'll -- teeth brushing his problem I don't know I don't know that in commercials it XX XX maybe assist people talk about harder. Well I can't stand the sound of that. Yes we can we should do this from time to time -- the most annoying -- I Symantec's keep -- the end Demi -- -- delay is more fun to do Sabrina actually I have the sound -- ready for yet as I wish for that can be used snap your fingers and make it happen but -- do this again because it's fun just to hear what -- weird noises completely drive you insane.

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