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Missed Connections 3-3-14

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Mon, 3 Mar 2014|

The Wake Up Call reads some more "Missed Connections" from Craigslist...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And tangy and. It's time for you missed connections here. -- -- Last Gavin what do you got the onyx club dancing king woman for man aren't you why I mean what the language of damn it's. Stop a -- me. Didn't see your tall and wearing a black shirt and word so delicious please let me that I didn't even mind at all. Little retro -- cream dress -- black dots you dance like no one was watching you didn't need me or anyone else there in fact it seemed like you didn't even notice me. You didn't even try them take me home -- said you were tired as you put on your peace signs letter. And I wish you'd asked for my number before you left you'd have in the second and here I thought we had something going. OK I have a public service announcement for all the ladies out there and again this is saying this is a woman whose job may ending of his right. I am now you're approached big diet think club dancing by himself no 'cause it is they take can't tell -- and -- -- paying yet and present when did you still -- Seriously that he's just some. Crazy and forty doesn't know that anyone is around media Lori are you thinking about his neck no I'm. More he doesn't know anyone around and look to phrase your -- join -- -- and watching is really a phrase that means. Everyone's watching you don't all of -- Charlotte Sharon -- yeah. It's like the weirdest phrase it's almost like you're horrible dancer when you say you're dance like -- no one is watch. And -- horrible the -- -- that is just the tip of the iceberg of your issues. And Arab peace signs -- -- -- -- not -- -- sweatshirt she's been sweater oh man. Even. I say man -- asked her her -- Mr. actions on the way to golf this is one they even think it opera while target on -- really important -- -- It was two days before Christmas and I saw you a target on -- and we kept looking at each other it was obvious that there was a connection. If this is you tell me what we did by the books and magazines. I know I said I couldn't do this because I was married -- -- now separated want to see you again that's all they put what did they do it target. I imagine that goes down target all the time goes down -- our gas XIA. As soon. And most of them. Arianna I'd sentiment targets it's so obvious you know I've section target it and there's no signs saying don't exactly -- well why is this why is obvious the people don't have Saxon tar and -- I'm not blood red. I just assumed. I assume and any of those stores Wal-Mart special I -- -- -- that Derek is a good chance that I am standing when I'm buying kitty litter or diapers right I assume that I'm standing in a place where somebody had sex at some point. An employee and never shop you can get real how only never actually. Even taboo things because you have to believe. Yeah and -- The blind Toy Story. Well I mean you're looking something's happening Helen you're not in all of. You guys are like muggles. I am like a magical -- -- him and if you believe that people are having -- everywhere -- -- -- can't reveal himself to the idea is so weird and six cents to end. There look this up online I'm pretty sure there's been plenty of story written about how target is a place for love no one has -- target target is classy people make love -- target even make others are saying target -- -- down yet they use every there's a gradual slowdown. I -- I think cost out. Of seeing you know why leave your seat. The whole Lotta. And I'm happy has more of them would you actually need.

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