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Second Date Update 2-21-14

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Fri, 21 Feb 2014|

Listen to this week's brand new Second Date Update and find out if Chris can get another chance with Heather...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Average second in upstate -- -- her drives this morning ask you a good day that we had there. He said -- the year we're setting this up that you felt like there was that that special something we don't. But at the end of the day when -- kind of likes and like kind of leading into the whole you know which do this again think she seemed kind of cold like suddenly something had happened in you can't figure out what that is and you've put off kind of reaching out here because it just left you feeling like okay a lot of my missing here. -- we had a great time and end at the very end she turned into those suits -- -- noncommittal after the approach to his finger by. -- so you guys. Having gone on the second day you'd like -- You're helping there was just something a little of the and that maybe is a misunderstanding you wanna find out if there could be a second day in itself here and it's not. Why so that's already on the second date updates out pretty standard set of guys we have Heather on the son Chris is now on hold let's talk to a letter and what's going on having its answers for him. Heather good morning. -- I know you were told off the -- that you're gonna play game and you said no you know you're here for the second date updates as you -- the wake -- mind and that's -- herald editor who did you go on the first day when they first dates in the past couple weeks it's standout is like you know I had a decent time and I don't wanna -- a second -- again. Any first installment in how we don't. -- that's who's on the sounds good now let's get to the good stuff I didn't get any gritty yet we're gonna actually get Christmas on -- is Chris wants to know what's with a second day if -- happen and I Chris too -- that's either a really good thing or bad thing. -- -- OK I got optimism that there isn't a good thing. -- them. Now I'm not really it's just a -- cause I ain't no I have ever seen him since -- Okay your boy genius is he a bad. Guy and we will what will -- -- you know we had a great frame it says I'm definitely am not a chat to him I think we can leave it at. And can you tell us specifically he. If there is some things just a vaguely knew what you are attracted to about a ten bucks says out of control mustache. Your body shape -- pear -- Chevrolet and I. Track. -- -- -- -- I mean our this sensitive term for it is tear drop -- to believe. -- sensitive about their. Of course I did I mean that's what she's saying right that he has a big backside for a man. Exactly just like guys you know go for big -- -- -- or whatever they're saying it's. Repair items are those seven guys only to such high window for big brains. All of that state. Is it just sort of such a big deal though -- not say I don't know what he looks like this is such a big deal that it was a deal breaker even him he was a really good guy. Q well here's something we met online and none of his pitchers gave -- pressure and that that's what it would feel like Chris. Yeah I. I'm like I'm not like underground Abercrombie Fitch male model you know these guys that walk around like good but we got -- when she closes her secret. Plus. Well I thought -- later I never heard that I mean I get just got it. Anyone else really wanna see what has but looks like I am not no but I was hearing to say hi I'm not the only one who wants to see this guy's body I. And pear shaped person looks like a pair should go look. Looks like -- intimate -- it's it is possible 44 eyed guy who's pear shaped who still have compliments from windmill yeah. Not attracted to that I am bill like rectangle. Not a very attractive shape for a person to walk around that is a hard green to get through or any part of me to get through a doorway. It is it's hard for me to -- pay. My boring I don't have a -- you're built more like the number six. I don't know if that's the compromise. You Belli yeah some of the by the sixers they around the bottom bruises become. And he's a rectangle this guy's ship -- 60 guys that. They don't look -- -- that we bulls are -- yeah okay. No I don't know -- into the not about it but it's not about a I ask you about throughout this guide giant that hey now I'm. I I have no -- here. Upset that guy. OK so. So this is just comes down to is that she'd just her first -- body type. Yeah I just like that guy it's kind of that same guy is all overt -- one huge. Batting park bench and doing. Now there is love new body pads on them -- grown. So if you'd always like half the size would you allow them. All. Of that. Studio is he had maybe it's more busiest birthing hips and. I have been told in -- many waved and big hat I'd like reasonably alone. Setting up for it it was a big payoff of a -- you've -- me up and take it is always half the size you'd pride in jump right right. Sure had he got about bad things have vast you know I don't. The hi -- is a long journey is. This -- interrupted me where to go gave you have a word. I badly I get it do you. You'll find someone. Question -- well. We couldn't we couldn't have better closure to this because he has the sky high confidence. Has she knows that she likes her fat and we know that Jason shaped like a number and it makes terrible job. We -- that contract wakeup call him one doesn't even the ten.

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