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Katie Feels Left Out

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Fri, 21 Feb 2014|

Jason and Gavin went to lunch without Katie...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm sorry I casually brought it up again Katie I didn't know it hurt you so deeply apologize this is selling. OK so ever knows Katie was a maternity leave Katie is back we're so happy year act -- we were. I wanted to bring up as a segment of the show tell us about that the secret sing your job at a secret that would help people is Gavin nine. And you know your -- jumping get. Tell -- you're upset about. Well obligation. Gavin and Iowa your maternity leave went out to lunch. And I got there first and I said can we have a big table. Table for like ten day they did big tables -- Red Robin. And they say how many people your party is until I don't that's OK and she goes. Between us. She's only Tony this just -- next between last week just between us the rule Red Robin is. If a customer requests a seat even if it's one person they wanna sit -- 120 person table. Our rule is you can't turn down their sitting request if it's available. That's an insider rules so there yeah I learned something that I was awesome that's a cool and well I I'll go by myself and since the king's table I was. How are you guys a lot of space to work nothing you just lunges sit either. I'll end I think by shouted out there that big when you feel like royalty and when the waitress comes up you have to go you approach yes. I bring this up because you're gonna ask like OK tell us about the secret A year job that you know -- an insider secret a tank and and what does Katie -- an -- -- we said sure are. Oh this again I love how we keep bringing up the fact that you guys went out to lunch without me. Okay. -- -- -- Found like I just have to be involved in every little thing that it's not big case a bug generally that is how I knew Brian. We meetings several times a week after the -- Often. Request that we go off site to have a meeting. I think it's a little team building opportunity I think he kind of changes things up it makes me happy. Eric Cantor we all hate we do not care is. Shot down. Time and time again. An hour hour and a our throws out their -- Gavin you're lumped into this has got -- usually game for leaving sure. I'm usually the one who doesn't want to leave because anyway we have -- mean I don't usually don't eat I don't I feel like they're not as project I play analyst Richard usually. We function. Well. Ideally I resent and it also -- -- it also. It doesn't drags our day -- at -- my -- somebody who who who is distracted by tin foil going out for Jason is like going you'll hit oil factory app. But it. I don't mind going out however eyes -- with Jason because I wanna get work done as. Fastest possible OLID. So why are you still upset about the fact yeah when now when you weren't here. It's a slap in the face it seem like here's how it's scenes. I asked I asked guy as I've told you may guidance makes me happy right. What do you do -- and god no one thing you always say no TO we go out to see you go lucky he makes cents. The lying right you've. All that stupid it is and here no more no no no known animal. That's why you wanna take you're just we can't -- yeah insane the amount that not only years of posts and years of -- say now right. I'll -- involved. So does this mean that we're gonna go to lunch now we are not the -- it. Can I say I. Today Katie cotton -- and I and the way and don't take this the wrong way but again I think I was even the one who suggested it high I think you have to silly but I think you -- And yet. Did you do did you do OK did you -- out republic -- all that coming -- -- the trappings of abstract. I productive actually. Is because I was in -- and that's what the common denominator in this whole situation is you. Interesting that we would probably want to go up the -- a lot more often and have a grand old time sitting at the big boy table. I effects and you show a lot though and I can't get anything done to him. I'll we'll get a good story. That's not good that's not good not. That's not the purpose must go and that's that's what happened here we have a great story -- you're not including you feel bad about it I feel bad about that but the reality I feel I feel like you did it on purpose we -- we definitely didn't -- our purpose that would require us thinking about you while you were gone I'm. I can't hang out. Eric did any you say beyond that the name is thanking him so bad about now home now know yeah. -- is that. You know you thought about now. Many recalled think we colleague Katie you know that's what we call your maternity -- -- that parents say yeah and -- it's now. And I used saying mean there were times we -- ourselves going -- that was kind of mean we realize LA when they said how many your party -- -- -- it feels great yeah like I read that and after you're like oh that's such educate you and it's -- would've mattered all that bright idea as -- Why did you get back at us and do things that we wanted to do without us. I didn't go to your thousand real late may that's good I can't ever really -- -- I -- Jason and I like to do your work. I'd be on yeah would you guys like to do things I like to comedy that could makes me happy to make you had Ali you're just trying to look good. -- not true. -- yeah Iceland I. Gavin won't apologize anomaly apologizing for your feelings and -- and yeah I hear me out here and everything -- Katie I -- Didn't intend to hurt your feelings here truthfully that thank your feelings -- hurt I feel bad that what we get hurt your feelings seriously. Eat and it says that all the outlets like getting a domino announcement I guess you're my personal you know hearing that may need to England then follow me. -- -- So yeah we got. They say did you -- get lunch today after the yeah I was OK I can't make it. If you wanna join -- for like where you don't. Yeah -- -- In -- buying lines to follow her on FaceBook like your page how great would it be if we did Tug -- like yea I go. People will be good lines and then we don't show up. -- prepared well. And isn't the only one will join me out of the three of us I would feel like oh my god this is the meanest thing gavel and be like. -- so magic can be furious I just feel sad about myself -- it would turn into a Freedom Party and you'd be drinking and everybody's -- are. You know yeah how is everybody anyhow will welcome back. He had lunch we don't again I don't know --

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