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Second Date Update 2-6-14

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Fri, 7 Feb 2014|

Listen to this week's brand new Second Date Update and find out if Tom will get another date with Katherine...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah yeah. -- second date updates here on the way to stop -- we have a guy named Tom on the phones. Tom when -- Kathryn recently get a good time you guys -- a little bit after the date and you're you're pretty certain you say like 90% sure there's a second day. And yeah. We're really good time we had an experience where everything went fine but then -- -- via text a couple days later and said I don't wanna go out again I didn't feel a spark do you say. I don't buy that there was a little there was a father a spark they seem now right. Yeah exactly. Okay -- what does she know as we get ready Todd Durbin the second that is a great approach we're gonna put channeled to be a -- -- the song we're gonna find out what's going on Europe and all right time to get a second -- out in front of the true story maybe she really didn't feel a spark and then this is the most boring second as an actress imagine that I just postpartum denies and like Tom but let's find out them. Catherine good morning hi Darren Katherine Ashley -- is the -- to -- a -- -- you know she heard the second an update before and now you're on it. Now -- her one mass for us were on every week yeah I put OK so do you have any idea who it may be on first and only. Apparently that weren't prepared statement -- it is -- -- nice. I like we can just cut right to a campus bring Tom on the phone unit says we're gonna do Tom wants to know what went wrong because he said he felt a spark -- you flat out said he didn't he -- -- but I Tom. Hey that -- -- on -- and I. Law Lorraine how are you compared. Suddenly felt weird -- he really not -- a spark as he said he did. I'd hate -- I. I think they're you guys that note just only first day and so I don't really like it instead. Of -- doesn't as a -- out there. Tom I don't know what's happening here Phyllis -- -- here we're all confused see your -- Apparently. Even though we didn't have a great first date and we both felt some spark something. Catherine has as an issue apparently with my last name and which is -- -- is untraditional and I believe we have heard every joke. Before. And you know I'm just sorry that that exploded outside. How can somebody have an issue -- -- -- what is that a racial slur -- imagine that. Now I think the way expelled into different -- pronounced but the way it's -- In LO SER. But it's pronounced -- sure they spelt LO SER so I've heard every loser -- remain tire life. It's an -- loser is how your last -- -- -- respectable he just clearly told us is -- it's pronounced dilution or lose share. But yes that's fine as -- wrong with. Being a loose term I'm sorry. That is part of you you've heard every jokes even if you if you play sports and you won the championship but I can't stop me on the winning team we still -- -- they stood you've heard everything I heard oh I don't know Katherine is his last name is that the specific reason there was his last name and somebody else edits his last name. Right now. It out exact dog house ethics and to do that like here. On one day with him and understand how this become these -- long -- Yeah part Sam I don't can't second gates says people that I think are just not right -- That's a valid point I don't wanna be mr. blitzer in the -- I can't they say I'm sorry I'm making your sides and I I bet. You know I don't want to go to idly by and saying I got a live their house polluters and only just kind of for baseball it can't. -- a -- -- -- are kids. Who -- sure that everything about changing atomic adding in the age you you could change. -- married. Take her last now what about that what if he'd talked to your last name would you go on a second day -- First bottle I don't want to give up my my last Spain and may be a it may be a joke and a headache but you know what I'm actually pretty proud of my family in good things that we've accomplished and I wouldn't give up our named chip because some people snide little joke should just. -- knowing -- I have to bear. I'll go Leo good for you -- against. It. How I think there are really great guy and and a serial get married and did a great woman and and had a great. And I -- Iran and. Can't I can't really are Catherine you sound so bad and he you do like him I can tell you if he word today is -- if we were to say we're gonna step up and change your last name Tom. Not that we have the money you do that I economic side doesn't really change your last name to something like Tom winner will you go out and again if he was Tom winner -- So there really is just the last name why don't really care. Tom what do we cut would you consider changing and ended Tom winner. Now you know I'm I I I'm uncomfortable with myself and I'm comfortable my name I'm not gonna change it. Earlier ones always and forever a looser expect that bell and I I respect that. That I think that's cool you clearly are gonna get a second date but it's kind of -- the viewers stick -- loser conviction to lose sure and I can't.

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