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Arena Cross Guy's Girly Commercials

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Fri, 7 Feb 2014|

We got the guy who voices the Arena Cross commercials to do some reads for more girly products...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

My interest has been peaked at 710 on the wakeup calls one a seven nanny and a few minutes go again you want to you are happy going if you are not got a goalie collide solitaire or not. I and it's an immediate -- -- I -- knows who this person is kind of now so confused what are we about to listen here plus. Furlong time. And we've been playing this. Commercial couldn't play that thing right there just a -- It's just. -- -- That is the good from a commercial for the arena across. Literary agents -- plug for them it's happening on tomorrow it's the dreary and bread box for a per ticket itself. Bold and we were a player off the air Jason and I weren't worth talking about the voice guy for yeah. That guy hero Jim this is like a -- you totally -- yeah yeah the deepest Manley is scratchy as most awesome voice. I've ever heard in my locker trying to figure relies on average I'd like friends of mine who are in the the voice over industry and like bail these ideas they thought it was no new fresher. It is like a couple that are like takers but there's one guy this is the little -- the big like Sunday Sunday Sunday -- -- it's almost like a growl -- all yeah dot TI didn't take if you don't -- the regular -- way -- yeah yeah yeah I don't care if you tell -- -- you talk to this guy -- jealous. I talked to follow and track him down. Old and violate phone conversations to have are just as excited. Yeah man and Canada's number one really kind of a guy or you can't remember what we talked about -- how whole idea we were talking about others for -- let loose is this part I think he can never get work doing -- -- can -- -- drier -- and -- no -- -- -- Commercial or you know had first look I don't -- -- -- just doesn't get an aboriginal he's not a war. He does stuff like the NFL and the NCA -- gas is up more he isn't -- -- quite well is it professional -- professional named David -- again. And Campbell we talked about specifically lies. What if that guy with the most testosterone. Lays the -- is scratchy is deepest voice in the world again this is a clipper talks. What did you -- a big commercials for really girly things. Gonna be amazing you -- you're saying -- -- I he and I talked about what they said listen if I write some fake commercials for girly things. And put it all together will you voice than formula a couple of he said yeah. So now I'll tell you anyway not a US just you. OK okay so I present to you know you haven't gotten out of them I present -- all excited. These scary. Most manly boys guy in the world are doing commercials for girly things you've played the first one -- I can't wait. -- Hello -- yourself and some -- Today -- just. I say there's there's another -- hey I want -- thank you visited -- By the way these are fake sales to our. Hi Alice in undergone by the found this weekend you might want to check this out. It is when he goes -- -- be way I use my the last five may do so bad -- then. Let's talk like that. And I we won't ultimately smartly handled we want more snow sleet and -- favorable. That's not a good these weren't the best -- -- -- Beirut again the famous Sunday's -- on a guy a I'm mount Cameron he is -- yeah one one mourner. I'm very new. -- was about -- so I'll. And David Lee is being -- voiceover guy in the world Purdue I'm out for us that's them for making our dreams come. If you didn't love that I say find a different radiation that was incredible let's applaud the -- they. I never thought that was among comedians and I got to get a shout out also it's a just matter works here who helped me put those commercials together full year and maybe later in the show we can just throw them in the middle of commercial. Yeah. By the way I say we change it he's not come back on Monday it's it's -- it's gathering me and you wake up call -- that god.

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