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Katie Loves To Eat

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Wed, 20 Nov 2013|

The Wake Up Call talks about Katie's crazy cravings because of her pregnancy...

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Gavin what do you think this -- smells like right now. Cleaning products and really understand there's a few seconds in a smelled like anti you know he exploded in my face came rushing in here and doing. I'm so sorry I played I played pickles and and -- and something all over my sandwich person is mourning the worst I have done a pregnant woman. And they just. Biden juices flying in February distinction here and I said what is that and she does -- smell that I'm like it's impossible not just -- and I apologize obviously -- can't snob -- -- two seconds ago you command when you say it's only cleaning supplies they'll just went down there are always noted is it small what else was on there chicken. Lettuce mayonnaise and mustard. -- -- about Eagles it was overwhelming it smells no necessity announced he would like an animal I had to those fallen apart -- receive our guys 32 dogs fight over a piece of -- yeah that's it looks like there's only one person here -- -- and one sandwich but he's still managed -- play someone was gonna try to rip it out of her hands and then -- can I tell you something about Katie needing. Yesterday a bunch of us want to go see the Hunger Games after we went after we went and saw the movie. We then it went out to -- out in -- Got a cheeseburger. And I have never seen. Any water and eating cheeseburger as discussed in only as she dared. She I. He's -- animal I I'll I I yeah on the animal style murder I had this is something. Where and I think what I said was nice -- across mutating and I had seen you'll -- burger. I have seen you slur I've -- a -- got a sex. And it's got to stop. Please eat like an -- person I know you're pregnant and York. You have no self control at all anymore but this has got to stop. Was -- noise went along with -- I'm sure there had to have been a ridiculous no. Licking no bus bus at one point she turned sideways drilling and they get normal person would eat a burger and instead -- OK. I don't know why I made the race and that. Her eyes yeah like the -- did I set up with the thought that meant many didn't -- -- not. Say that it is like get everybody can hear it like I was some sort -- Monster here's how I look at it I haven't actually. Three or four weeks left in this pregnancy. Would you as three or four weeks T like. There are consequences. And does not I know does he offered to acknowledge. Craze coming of food and trying out. -- -- -- -- Eating things that generally I would not eat because again -- -- abort this last pregnancy probably the last time in my entire life. I don't have to worry about my weight. Yeah I I now here's -- I know you're talking about this the last time. Forever -- you can. Across the board and emotional consequences for the people that I win. I did. No may owners yeah. -- turn a mob like -- and see me. How does for a -- I mean -- the company beyond that is now. Who cares you guys Bryant and all know I I mean. Who cares look at me I'm just saying. What are you explain. How easy or eat any lightning is and how he does right now. Well yes I do -- so. Didn't trotting. The fully come. And next time you go to any offers something like -- both for you slurred her burger loudly go. Brandon. -- was I don't. The lines. I didn't go from here came out of the area -- didn't go from table to table like how once mentioned his -- uncertainty -- that I'll take some Hollywood every you've been. I'm not gonna take other -- -- -- eggs to food from strangers. Now you just where I don't. I lemon you're a -- that. Kyra you know why since we're on the subject -- and now -- -- Chris -- came but the genius idea about the last one. He ordered. A little milk shake which was adorable and then when he is done and he doesn't finish it all the way you -- like a fourth milk shake and -- before he leaves puts root beer in it and takes root beer float to go while home. That brilliant genius. I thought that was brilliant that is you should try that's how I prepare for. I don't know why they're back here.

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