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David Blaine Celebrity Magic

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Wed, 20 Nov 2013|

The Wake Up call talks about David Blaine doing his magic in front of celebrities...

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    this is great I love this. This guy did that and says dvd burner produces pretty much everything and hope I don't. Movie wise -- -- my noted yeah magic may be achieved yeah I don't think I've been -- Oh by the -- had buckled and produce anything that may well yeah I like Jeanine. OK so I have found that I can pretty much make any TV show or movie online. Horrible on a dvd or Blu-ray with this device it's crazy but I found everything from current films to

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The saving guess what this is last night. There's -- TV special. -- -- This Will Smith right mean doing as well sort of sounds best if he does. And then let it be a clip from his last eight movies we wouldn't know I know it's on us now this is actually -- Will Smith -- -- Aaron Paul Bryan Cranston breaking bad. And Will Smith somehow is in the makes on this is that correct -- and this is their reactions to some thing. Yeah. If you're wondering yes -- -- -- yes that's from the special that -- last thank you all -- -- feels this is why David -- in the mystery mayor David -- I'll put our first street magician you guys stands on stuff and -- himself and stuff goes underwater try to really more -- -- he's back here in the street magic but he's not it's kinda doing the same thing he's doing well with celebrities now. I guess that's that's is the latest thing to get people notice them but it just seems like I just call him not Criss Angel. This with -- Players and for throws him out yeah. It does nothing to do -- the magic now I we. We all kind of agree David -- my dad yeah -- like I like I'm David -- get the catamounts -- -- -- before the trip gripe I have a no injures himself like best and I don't get why people are so into the magic -- ham. But I like -- like magic delegate stuff but this is very strange because he did it with celebrities and all the celebrities seem to wanna do is just reacted. In over the top plays and guess what everybody does -- weird when you know the voices like Ricky Gervais penetrate Dennis Wright right in front of them say her. -- -- -- -- -- Want to. And it's Thursday. Selling diamonds there's a how this is not it's just -- me okay. You jailing her when. We see our appeal. Cause you do when you hate to hear him play. God. I hate Dave and I hate very many people. I hate me lazy out -- I even got a little boy I hate is stupid plays and I paid that he does -- Danielle good and here's the thing that probably isn't magic it's just ten -- -- you know. Through his arm David Blaine I don't think he's -- to -- and we don't know him personally I touched I seriously old and doesn't -- if you is like. He takes -- DN usually let's take a regular trade and -- put some weird twist Diana prince always with the same -- there's nothing there's an open is that is doing that's. I think it annoys me about it is always it was like I didn't PCs they had -- Later whenever they -- getting to rally bulls are evident adding he -- I had you can do the imitation and and I can grab an outdated -- happens hello Jake Gyllenhaal. Well I'm about to pull a rabbit out of I had to. Last night and I ingested it right and that he does what I just wait what do you what do you see what you see in my pants. Imagine the -- isn't -- I am bumping around. -- am hoping alive rabbit. A look at it look at look at it isn't that need to look at it. Like I guess I guess I do kind of long for the days of my childhood when magicians have -- up. I don't believe he came out. And they really just spent 25000. Dollars on this simplest magic trick in the world you don't care because it's flashy. At least there is some pen that has behind and instead of feeling like your talk he just depressed person that wants is self harm -- of you do have yeah. But I did tell it. Is totally. David Blaine but I think he's so funny if they actually -- higher like the traditional -- Lights the -- guys this young guys and the dancers in a little -- Do you look to do all that stuff around him while he's still says things like you said -- -- let me put a needle in my arm and the director are attacked and -- -- dancing around yeah yeah yeah. Things like Somalia to bring out the tiger's -- -- tiger is walking across the stage and he just showed your -- should for no reason. Show and he -- yeah.

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