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Fake Job Titles

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Wed, 20 Nov 2013|

The Wake Up Call talks about Kayne and others who come up with fake job titles for themselves...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- is cognac if he's not a rapper he's creative genius. That's right -- Tonya -- and I forget -- -- guess that's because based on from him yet as -- -- did an interview and the radio station filling he was quoted as saying people get -- enemies saying that I'm a creative genius. It is just obvious OK it's like factual I would write creative genius when -- go through the airport I would put that on customs forms to. Where you put -- your title is except for two reasons it would take too long to write and send them to spell the word genius -- now. I was getting probably and I'm guessing if there's not he's just he's beyond arrogant silly and yeah. I am sorry was joking yeah but OK so if Gagne isn't gonna put rappers say I didn't realize your public what you do for a living on your customs forms and oppression and you know -- you travel overseas and did you have to believe what your title is. So I remember doing it I thinks I'll give Gagne says she would love to put creative genius and -- probably just say is in need of artists. Artists are better than you know. Yeah oh yeah that's I just email me -- if you tell me we years is I don't look for the email. A semi a whole list of different. Job titles people have put their heads like you -- just call your some of creative genius okay along the lines of someone who's a sanitation engineer. All you know you've heard that before I am tired and I when I was a receptionist and I used to old called myself the. President telecommunications operation is not bad Netanyahu probably some real title somewhere probably eight I. -- -- I'm presidents -- is a little misleading yeah I was the only one. And you report yourself for this job he and his professional agitators. That's so -- I didn't put America's sweetheart you know it's actually kind of funny. Is that I had to go pick up Connor and and daycare the other day and apparently he's been throwing temp temper tantrums there. And the daycare workers -- like. Do you use throw tantrums do you ever throat -- I mean I haven't museums and as I said I mean I kind of get paid to throw. -- hear those cancer maker. Gentlemen I actually like professional agitator does that and then leaves a -- to a dying. OK it is and I can ask you are now I certainly not only -- stupid they think you do something during construction. Born and raised can mind his -- Sacramento's you know why it is now don't you I'm the only one from here it could be Sacramento a Sacramento sweetheart. Not America's sweetheart that's too big yeah against Nancy grandiose I think I don't know -- broadcast conversation enthusiastic crowd. About a little long. How long it is that's fine and again this is just Kanye West wants to put on customs forms his title -- job title he's a creative genius. For Katie we put tackler. I mean -- professionally criticized all that's not bad yeah woe is me facilitator. Considering you're certainly were picking on you too much. -- -- -- How great would -- be -- on that form and you just put monster. Job address. Under the bad. Or what I say until it refused -- -- -- unemployed slash not drug smuggler yeah you're saying not a drug smuggler and I probably can get in trouble. None of the -- and just say a mountain leg not a drug smuggler not a criminal yeah now yeah and not have cocaine and balloons up I. If -- -- noticing these are some real low people. I guess people are calling themselves very much like Kanye thing a talented delivery specialist as a professional job recruiter. It's really that in -- probably use that CBS can figure went as high as somebody calls themselves a mobile sustenance. Facilitator mobile system I don't try and work through front burner. Let's see -- communication executive cellphone seller -- ourselves as a as -- -- now a person who calls themselves we're right in the custom form here I'm a color distribution technician cool way hold on color color and distribute you hate how. -- -- -- -- -- I guy you creative genius came to this less snow and down bad variously. -- what do you call you would tell us what your job as tanks in the 7339 tells you would cost. And let -- 798. And.

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