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Witches of Walmart

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Wed, 20 Nov 2013|

A man in Santa Fe gave up $500 to have his soul cleansed...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- when you came to us with this story yeah. I -- sure there was a story Dallas so tuition rent on Halloween yeah. Always just happening just happy in the -- and Bruins should be aware that if you're in them if you're a moron. Some and I thought I'd take advantage of -- yes I made sentiments. I come out come on a -- we have a little clip of this story and you found and this happened in a Wal-Mart. Burton and is that right -- actually take a listen to this he thought they were witches who could sued his soul -- good night police say three women approached a man here in the Wal-Mart parking lot. And told him a dark spirit was following him. And they could perform a -- inside this white then the women told the man to give him his money and gold jewelry in order to heal. And he today days later the man realizes his -- -- plan. He just got cleaned out. So yes so they follow him around they tell him he has a doing a dark spirit her his soul is. The dark fearsome following him and they're like oh we are -- like the ghost busters but there's all kinds there's right and still. You have to because this is -- shady. Climb into their Avaya. In the last one. I'm trying to happens I mean and they you can't just. You can't just do magic in a parking lot of a Wal-Mart you have to do it in the realm of magic night another level and I. And other guys I don't know the full story here but is it true the police got involved the man went to the police the. And could. Couple days for him to realize that his soul why didn't -- at least I want. Now it take you have vibe you get a Bonnie I still feel dirty when you towel off easy Abumrad and in Zurich not. -- -- yeah he would walk around. For days agreed to it because usually people who get pulled into cults there are susceptible because life changes -- happening right. Did he walk -- they don't something smells funny and I don't know what it is and of these women noticed that we're like. Commander sir your soul is dirty needs to be classes I can smell like something -- -- Does your -- out of -- tell the pet is sad but any real steady connoisseurs can bog down -- -- you guys. Is that it's. This is just like every single person who has a little tables set up giving out free samples at these kinds of places right you get suckered in by you have the cracker and you think it's -- you I have bring -- home and then you realize it's crap these ladies had a little tables set -- giving out free samples of Saul Klein yeah. Lavandera giving it a full product would you bought the full product but then realized that he and wanna get a big idea gonna Costco or Sam's Club in the sample is. It's just a tray and they go invisible wonderful mess and they are now. -- what you would -- invisible wonderful news gigabyte and they handed to you and you and you my radio delicious and then you buy it for fifty bucks and then complain because there's nothing in that box they really there is -- box. Well I'm gonna get taken he did get taken but the good news is that nobody else is gonna be taken because the police are cracking down on the -- the ball -- that. Did talk radio how are you ready. By the way and today they shut their business out and said you guys know Marshall plan saying it's. Not right. -- how is that not. Necessarily do anything wrong all of you said you don't know that this aided. Did actually have a law an hour or an injunction. That prevents them from doing their sold blending John reserve is less. Three navy vet. How -- serve is not whether you believe this service or not a good servant in quotes and you're OK I mean that's not what can the police proved it back guys sold would not collapse. But doesn't it yeah. Back. Ladies aren't. Right for America dawn and it my all breasts all -- these -- -- allowed all for that I don't right. We're still put -- the ball for. Between doing. You've heard the phrase slippery slope. Yes -- this is a slippery slope this is the -- are you the same word does it stop because here's the thing I go to a psychic who says I'm gonna die at fort. He threw me go higher and higher -- -- 85 say turn 86 I contract that's -- Danielle -- Who's alive now give me some money back yeah. Peddle in something as concrete as it -- data view islands and I'm like oh cool I'm -- slow. -- -- Oh yeah leg kick up like -- -- night. In. Light that did how do you products are out there are promising the -- Eyelashes and pick our next year that people wider which you can't really measure that stop till you if you buys something that's that's. This is gonna make it lighter and they -- all you out so well. Home in a couple of days later you're like. It is why did I thought they would be you got to get -- get the police shut down that business yeah. Any of that bought up sole clash that's not even that's the image that you probably could judge and color scale we're talking stuff like. EE go to a go to somebody and they go for a dollar don't tell a judge. Us a clean soul on the colors and sharp but -- can look -- talking about stuff is black obvious Ali right and I got a goal is two words probably clear clear. You are clears too far but if you just tell someone like you know after a 159 I'll make sure you don't have a bad day for the next three months. Who's to say what a bad day I -- yeah and all -- got a master it's my at a recent strike that is that as well but that's that's getting into know little I'd rather stay in the cleaning sole business she. You really are qualified to cleanse someone's -- how dirty is your own salt mine happened doesn't matter it does now does. So great guy you're not gonna entrusted trainer and it's not in good shape. A lot of would you of the dirty sold cleanse my saw why. Did -- -- first now might some of the things I do not for me you are showing your ignorance. That's not how it works you can't do a self -- -- I -- that I even got the back there I want to own ground. I wonder if they do. But -- got the. They thought well I wanted it back -- we're let's get a Dell may be your -- may be your flight shows this and I wanted to give away my secret I wonder if they do it like there should -- chiropractors are set up at lake. Like the state fair and I wonder if this guy walked -- and got -- into the picture of you OK here's a picture of year old. Notice in that dark cloud over you on the right hand corner. Afterward don't what you you can look like this in the same exact picture book club that Photoshop. Well yeah -- may get shot but to say oh you can't see because you're not trained got. I don't good all of this is I -- -- good that this would all line up tense and tall pole and me -- I -- -- so well to that. Even give you a special wake -- call discount price of 200 dollars -- just you know this is predatory it's not predatory -- might be a California this happened in Texas and Calderon in prison in Mexico feel even better. So this is still best this story happen in New Mexico and California this business is still legal while Obama -- how. And in all -- -- he's got a song goes wait. Did the -- his -- and -- when he tried files report is it true the police actually issued a statement warning people. The police did because I think I leave and loves say at a bank was the warning for the -- was it they don't avoid this scam or was the warning. Everyone please avoid this guy he's extremely gullible know -- -- it the -- was just so you know this is not a real soul clan thing I know it's. Yeah. How they did say there's not a real sold clan thing. You now be told me that that's right. At this stage can bring 200 dollar dollar additional I got my two I got I got I don't -- that crystals I had -- okay. But you don't need crystal -- falls -- -- the line and I'm willing to you need is some tubes right I and you -- share and a little bit of Basil -- him well how well yeah yeah and then and then this. Well bush and if you think your price is high at -- prices -- just be aware there's a lot of -- Other employees other people involved in this process she just can't see damn -- decline -- dirty so while I think I am trying to keep my my company. Lol but 'cause I can't afford health -- brawl. Gave a lot of overhead -- right because there is -- zero they've -- And.

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