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The La La La Game 11-19-13

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Tue, 19 Nov 2013|

The Wake Up Call plays the new game, "La La La"...

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    Plan NASCAR listens to it's it's news to me. Last Tuesday. Just Sierra Club was seen noon when she may think games seeing this. Take me out to live up. Game. He asks is. By means some. East Lansing craft carries. I don't care I'm now back in fact that he rumors. I. Team if they know wins this game. As
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    this is great I love this. This guy did that and says dvd burner produces pretty much everything and hope I don't. Movie wise -- -- my noted yeah magic may be achieved yeah I don't think I've been -- Oh by the -- had buckled and produce anything that may well yeah I like Jeanine. OK so I have found that I can pretty much make any TV show or movie online. Horrible on a dvd or Blu-ray with this device it's crazy but I found everything from current films to

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm in the long run in that junior. We'll sing songs but only La La -- versions of the songs. And I knew who won last are getting gathered one last week didn't I don't know it was a tie between the two yes and I was I. I pounds is a win for me -- -- find texting your answers by the way do 73389. -- you guys can beat us. And guessing what these are can -- go first anniversary oh cents a your answers clothes computers in cedar. -- -- finally punched in the face when I saw him that's all I wish I had the strength. -- -- Here yelled hello hello my name that tune you buzzing with your name. Ago. Love love. Man. And I. Yet we got about an -- Now rules committee know all I -- down stairs. The beginning of hello yeah. And then now. Do you like the part that everyone knows there's a big part. I was getting I was get -- more contorted if you have stumbled out of this one's too good did you. Get to big RI AAR -- like I'm sorry state of Virginia but just as you can't nail these like she does you can't change the rules are always a guy guy Katie got one point. There isn't higher wallow and you know -- I don't. And I. And that and that. And. Yeah. Did the best course is often whenever I do lunges that's what I do -- -- hope that when there. You write for birdies. Flying while I'm while aligning nicely -- -- right -- Gavin your parents or care. Singing songs might only -- low lying. -- it's. -- The ya ya. But yeah but not developed that are not true or not. And it really does own guru. And you don't know you're gonna get -- we don't get you use a doughnut. Not that I put out bad luck not luck but I -- not. Left out. Laughed -- that let them. I have no idea and no idea. And no more dead shoot. Unlike a. Drew -- lose the point. The blame game and Canadians in the league. These guys and Gavin didn't get their rounds offline it. I want you know here so anything I think he never -- all you've done does not any different -- now not -- -- -- -- Last last last last lap -- -- left left left -- Yeah me yet let me go look at night but Ricky Martin. Nice 'cause I. -- stab at this point there I don't know JJ your appears line name that tune on the lake -- com. I love love and Lannan and and then and then. Yeah and and then. And I love and. I mean it was leveraged change there in the and as -- never run -- -- and David I know is the cars of the -- And and and I -- Vaguely familiar mind I. Didn't feel so embarrassed for you whereas reality I don't know rule can remember we don't get it right you know going up. And. That was really good. You got that because I bet that's new and normally I know there's another. I just you know either I don't know a single word that I got last line nicely as he's gonna win no matter what here are so congratulations can I am. I'm having fun anymore. Is because there is so good work work. Come on that was apparent relish old -- I want you got to be hearty -- land land. Brilliant song that is more just Sallyann. And yeah. There's really no other way to do. I don't know why this game makes you feel like American middle school when I just -- and everything yeah I mean how does the citadel unstable by herself loser.

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