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To Have Or To Not Have Sex

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Tue, 19 Nov 2013|

The Wake Up Call helps a listener figure out of he should have sex with a girl who wants to lose her virginity...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You wake up call few weeks ago started messing around with a girl we haven't gone all the way. Two days ago she got a bomb mommy she says she's a version. But now she wants to do with me I guess they've been just kind of like it's a playful thing. But now she wants to play in that way but she says -- version you just look I'm not interest in a relationship she says she doesn't want a relationship. His concern is is I don't want to do with car. And have a kind of being special -- and -- ever want to relationship because I'm going to be jerks I don't want when he was but I also don't want to just walk away. Because I'm the jerk who stopped hanging out with a girl. Just -- she's a virgin what do I do and that exact same situation. Sam. Thanks for call in a tank. Sam good morning you've been in this same situation if you -- this guy what we do what would you tell this guy Judeo. I think so yeah I went in a similar situation where I. Waited eight Qaeda -- -- an -- I didn't want anything axle and I guess. That was somebody that I had been hanging out -- -- a lot of overlap but I want it. To assembly and the baby is proof yeah I can't he say it wasn't special the baby special -- -- -- maybe not special. Thank you again so for you know wasn't special that's a thing now I mean did Katie -- -- Is we -- I mean if you're coming guys this is do it I don't wanna release. I was gonna say now I am someone who. Did wait a relatively long time to get wet and it was special and that that's great. I think. If she knows. Then it's okay that's not special all. Heated tell her she's wrong she adult woman she makes her own decision is rank and I kind of think it's almost condescending that he's like. Well she know it's going to be special for her it's not going to be special -- are okay and most people's first time is off all. You're going to be a couple of she's going to be opt. All be awful but the idea maybe now he'll probably -- -- season tell you have no idea how. He he had no idea that bad weather you have X it or not. He can I can mean had there. Do you think he should just lay it all up there and say how he's feeling but what should he -- year would you mean he's -- -- I don't want a relationship do you think any are really means that would you like I just wanna do let's -- number -- Well I think that he should talk to her about an act. Like let her know about it she understands it may or may not special her Kurt Karl. And she still comfortable at bat that well (%expletive) go way. But if she. Realized her right maybe not maybe not there at one. He might actually make a point that is human tellers and -- -- -- Lancaster right mate I don't know how she's gonna react. I know why he can't have faith and her knowing what she wants that's kind of ear and he -- when you travel and real Buthelezi the and brain she can't know she wants it clear he she -- -- relationship she knows she doesn't -- relationship. This is something she'd like to do how you put some faith and Behar on what she want. I don't hear you to -- amber what about how would put some faith in effect this guy obviously has a conscience and he has a one. Throws and -- be part of just throw something away it's meaningless there he is a conscious he has a. -- -- or no I think this guy needs to run for the hills. I won't look all I'm just stand now boy and a girl is a virgin in her twenties. That this is not going to be a easy to get over kind of thing if you. Don't want our relationship. And then you'd take your virginity ever girl who's in her twenties. Guess lied malice or relational highlights hi hey Donny and she. I think so but something has happened why that girl has waited for so long and it it might be book -- -- -- that's okay. Like the -- jumped -- not so fast she's not nights she's not -- I'm sorry I can't do it with you and day Dana. Yet our -- and like three -- awaits well I mean every an idea what she's saying you are and what she -- I think he's been part of the romance probably walk away because it's just gonna has -- much -- if you. Questioning over it there's going to be problem. He's making all the drama that she's like yes let's do this this sounds like fun and he's like food. I don't know he won it needs to leave for himself enough for her it's not fine if not years any other reason not to do it it's not fun or good and that's true hope there is true reality -- -- -- -- -- Illini the reality on his last two years ago I had almost the exact same situation I met a girl under -- gone and she just was like. Whenever she just wanted to take the next step I IE and a stop seeing here and I regret what -- zero are now or the -- -- well the thing is she ends up bring me emails saying how much I was a good biggest jerk for for leading Iran. After she says she didn't wanna relationship and because she felt like. That was just what we were saying but nobody meant did and I was so crazy and it sounds -- mature as she was yes she must pay pay every woman I -- I did not want to be that guy who. As we gotta tell excellence in just hitting quite Clinton Afghan that's not I was given an option SX and then dumped her because that's really what's the best advice don't think it is -- walking away I don't know I don't. Sylvia did hang out and see. Southern your eyes on you do it comes with some sort of baggage. It's got to know. And Agassi can be a baby carriage just twelve credits for around like the reality is if your conscience is saying I don't know why should do this or not icy walk away. And I think it's plain and simple after thinking about you want to -- -- have a good time she does have a good time let your hair down -- Only for her when I've heard is there's lots of guys out there willing to do is do or not. So it's not like it's your -- as she should be OK things should work out for this -- right.

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